Disturbance Halts Wiz Khalifa Concert In Indiana

Following a disturbance, rapper Wiz Khalifa abruptly ended a show in a suburb of Indianapolis as fans started to leave the outdoor venue, leaving three with minor injuries, according to police. Following a commotion on a portion of the amphitheater’s lawn, people began leaving the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville at 10:30 p.m. on Friday, with some of them shouting about a potential gunshot, according to The Indianapolis Star.

Following a search of the area at the venue approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Indianapolis, police announced in a news release early on Saturday that no weapons had been discovered. According to The Indianapolis Star, the incident occurred around 45 minutes into Wiz Khalifa’s performance as part of the Vinyl Verse co-headlining tour with fellow rapper Logic.

Wiz Khalifa and his band suddenly exited the stage as the music stopped. After concertgoers “self-evacuated” the amphitheater, where all exits were opened in accordance with the venue’s emergency procedures, three persons reported minor injuries and were brought to hospitals for treatment, according to police.

According to the newspaper, several audience members were on their cellphones in the parking lot outside while others sobbed and hugged one another. Ruoff’s owner and operator, Live Nation, issued a statement on Saturday in which it expressed gratitude to “staff and local authorities for moving immediately to help everyone in attendance.” An inquiry for information on the nature of the incident was sent to the police, but they did not respond right away.

Rose Grande
Rose Grande
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