Drew Barrymore Dating Game Howard Stern

Drew Barrymore Dating Game Howard Stern

On Wednesday morning, Howard and co-host Robin Quivers spent a short time previewing an upcoming Stern Show skit that is likely to go viral: The Dating Game with Drew Barrymore.

In the upcoming episode of the Stern Show, actress, talk show presenter, and Stern Show veteran Drew Barrymore will attempt to find love by choosing from a variety of suitors. Howard exclaimed, “Holy mackerel, did we get into something insane.”

Robin was interested in how the contestants were chosen, but Howard told her that every man had undergone a rigorous screening process that included Gary Dell’Abate, the executive producer, and Howard’s wife, Beth.

He said, “She selected two of the participating guys who she feels will be very, very strong prospects to be Mr Drew Barrymore.” Later, Beth appeared on the programme and said the men were good finds. “I’m shocked to learn they’re still single. You should see these, Robin. It’s astounding,” she continued. They taste great.

Even so, it wasn’t simple to reduce the field to only four men (for the time being). The men who volunteered but didn’t reach the final four included a TV host, an actor on an Emmy-nominated programme, and a variety of prominent lawyers, physicians, singers, firefighters, and policemen, Howard said.

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“There are a lot of people out there that want to date Drew Barrymore,” Howard added. In addition, Howard dismissed Wack Packer High Pitch Erik, who called in to defend himself but was unable to persuade anyone that he was the best candidate for the position.

Jonathan Blitt and Benjy Bronk, two newly divorced Stern Show employees, also entered the running. Howard, however, wasn’t persuaded. He informed Benjy, “I said no to you because I wanted the date to be bigger than the concert.

Robin wasn’t so confident about Benjy’s claim that he had a “strong connection” with Drew Barrymore. Remember when she discharged him from treatment despite the fact that he had a close relationship with his therapist? she questioned.

Blitt said that his experience as a scriptwriter provided him with an advantage over the opposition. “I can give Drew something that none of the men can,” I said. A script that can assure her of winning an Academy Award, stated Jonathan. It’s a follow-up to “E.T.” And it’s wonderful.

Gary and Beth both agreed. She said to Howard, “I think he should be a candidate. “Please include him,” I said. Gary said, “I think Drew would chuckle if [Blitt] gave her that script.

The coworkers of Bronk and Blitt commented on their involvement, but in the end, Howard made no guarantees other than to say that everyone was in for something great. Howard reassured Robin, “On Monday, we’ll find Drew’s love.” “I genuinely believe that there may be romance in the air.”