Driver Falls From Overpass, Hits Two Cars On I-5 Near Northgate; 8-Hour Closure

Driver Falls From Overpass, Hits Two Cars On I-5 Near Northgate; 8-Hour Closure

Throughout more than seven and a half hours, crews worked to remove the scene of an overnight crash on Interstate 5 close to Northgate.

The incident happened roughly one in the morning when a driver came off the bridge close to 130th and hit two automobiles on the northbound freeway, according to the Washington State Patrol. According to the Seattle Fire Department, the incident involved other cars and two overturned vehicles.

Seattle Fire medics could free the drivers of the wrecked vehicles. Both of those individuals are in critical condition. The Washington State Patrol Trooper Rick Johnson reports that the collision’s to blame the vehicle’s driver had non-life-threatening wounds.

When firefighters arrived at the scene at 6 a.m., it was still backed up, with traffic being diverted off I-5 at Northgate. All lanes were reopened to traffic at about 8:30 a.m. Rick Johnson, a trooper, claims that the causative driver may have been intoxicated. The motorist is being detained in a hospital.

How much time have you been trapped in traffic? Driver questioned by KIRO 7 Just an hour, they remarked. Driver Tracie Champion stated, “I left my house in West Seattle at 6 o’clock, and it’s now 7 o’clock.”

This morning, drivers used side streets to avoid the restriction. A driver stated, “Well, it took me the previous 40 minutes or so to get off right south of Northgate and get over here.”

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According to Washington State Trooper Rick Johnson, “(the driver) is suspected of being intoxicated, so at this time at the hospital, but in detention for at the absolute least vehicular assault, and perhaps, obviously, if something changes, it could be vehicular murder.”

When drivers discovered the reason for the closure, they were astounded. “Yeah, that’s bad. I hope everyone is okay. That’s sad,” a driver commented. Tania Higgins said, “It’s unfortunate and difficult to just think about the folks in the accident and what they are feeling and going through.”