Elon Musk Postpones Blue Again, Verify Twitter Forever

Elon Musk Postpones Blue Again, Verify Twitter Forever

Another day, another tweet from Elon Musk’s Twitter account with the news. The CEO and owner of the social media network announced in a statement that he would once again be postponing the launch of his paid verification system. He commented, “Holding off Blue Verified relaunch until there is a high certainty of stopping imitation.” For companies, a different colour check will likely be used for individuals.

In a Monday internal discussion with the remaining staff members, he repeated the same sentiment, according to a Verge report. He reportedly informed Twitter personnel, “We’re not going to launch until there’s strong confidence in defending against those significant impersonations.

Musk had initially stated that paid verification would be a feature by November 7 in an apparent effort to “move fast, break things.” Or, at the very least, he threatened to dismiss the workers assigned to the task if they didn’t finish developing the system by that time.

He then postponed the original debut until after the midterm elections in response to online criticism (after Stephen King bullied him into lowering the price). Chaos resulted in the $8 paid checkmark’s initial rollout. Numerous impersonators surfaced, mimicking well-known or famous accounts and stirring conflict.

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The pharmaceutical business Eli Lilly probably lost millions of dollars due to the first paid verification run’s irrationality because its stock prices crashed. After a “confirmed” phoney account tweeted that it would stop selling weaponry to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States, weapons producer Lockheed Martin was also impacted. He may have lost billions in market value, according to reports.

Musk and his Twitter skeleton crew attempted to fix the issue by implementing a supplementary grey checkmark system for organisations, businesses, and noteworthy entities; however, this opened up a new ball of worms. After only a few hours, the grey badges were abandoned and brought back.

Currently, some accounts on the website, such as the New York Times (but oddly not the White House), still display the grey “official” logo, but it’s unclear from this latest revelation if that will alter once more. Musk announced last week that the paid blue checkmarks would relaunch on November 29. However, as a result of Monday’s simultaneous announcements to the public and staff, the exact date of the relaunch is now uncertain.

According to Musk, this highly visible back and forth, the absence of a beta testing system, and the general confusion are all simply a part of the process. We should have faith in the procedure. He previously tweeted that before anything was settled, “Twitter will do a lot of idiotic stuff.”

However, one may also conclude that every extra bit of unchecked chaos erodes the platform’s credibility and appeal to users like journalists, government organisations, emergency alert systems, politicians, big businesses, and marketers.

However, Musk may hope many new features would help retain Twitter’s most notable users. The app will purportedly incorporate video, voice chat, and private message encryption, according to what the richest man in the world reportedly informed colleagues on Monday.