ERCOT Calls On Texas Residents To Conserve Electricity

Dallas, Texas On Sunday night, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) issued a “conservation appeal” urging Texans and companies to voluntarily reduce their energy use. ERCOT requests that everyone use less electricity on Monday, July 11 between the hours of 2 and 8 p.m. On Monday at the same time, the council also issued a watch for a “projected reserve capacity deficiency with no market remedy available.” No system-wide disruptions are currently anticipated, according to ERCOT.

The urge for conservation comes as Texas is experiencing record-high energy demand, which is placing a strain on the power grid. Reduced wind generation, according to ERCOT, is one of the factors driving the urge for conservation. ERCOT stated in a release that the request for voluntary conservation is made when it is anticipated that reserves may dip below 2,300 MW for at least a half-hour. The council urged power users to look up conservation advice on the Public Utility Commission website.

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Some of these suggestions include adjusting thermostats “a degree or two” higher during peak hours and delaying the use of large appliances and pool pumps during the busiest afternoon hours. According to a statement from the council, “ERCOT continues to employ all tools at its disposal to manage the grid effectively and reliably, including deploying reserve power and requesting assistance from big electric customers who have volunteered to reduce their energy use.”

On Friday, July 8, the Texas electricity grid experienced a new peak demand record, prompting the call for voluntary conservation. In the past two months, peak demand has broken records numerous times. This is one of them. Texas established a new energy record this week, according to Dr. Emily Beagle, a research associate with the Weber Energy Group and the Center for Electro-Mechanics at the University of Texas at Austin. The state has already exceeded the peak demand for ERCOT, which was predicted for August.

Despite Texas exceeding its highest value, according to Beagle, the grid has so far maintained itself. “It is undoubtedly reassuring that the grid has demonstrated its ability to function in conditions as extreme as these and the prolonged high temperatures we had in June. I should also mention how important renewable energy sources like wind and solar have become. They have been supplying the grid with a lot of energy, “said Beagle.

recap of significant historical occurrences on that day. ERCOT typically operates with operating reserves, so they have a predetermined number of plants that are sort of online to serve as a backup in the event that there is an outage at a particular plant. In order to somewhat swiftly make up that deficit, they already have factories operating said Beagle. On Monday, greater temperatures are predicted, and ERCOT’s demand may go over 80,000 megawatts.

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