Eric Schmitt Wins Missouri Senate Primary

The disgraced former governor Eric Greitens was defeated by Eric Schmitt to receive the Republican nominee for the Missouri Senate. Schmitt will try to succeed Republican Senator Roy Blunt, who declared last year that he would not run for a third term in office. “We succeeded. After his victory was declared, he tweeted, “Now let’s go save America! Schmitt received 46% of the vote after over 90% of the ballots had been counted. Schmitt prevented Greitens from making an unlikely political return. His career has been dogged by controversies, including claims made earlier this year by his wife that he physically and emotionally abused her and their children before their divorce.

Additionally, Schmitt defeated St. Louis lawyer Mark McCloskey, who rose to fame after a photograph of him and his wife brandishing weapons at BLM demonstrators outside their home went viral. U.S. Representative Vicky Hartzler, who received 22 percent of the vote to come second in the contest, and Rep. Billy Long, who received 4.7 percent, were the other contenders. Donald Trump, a former president, put a wrench in the election on Monday when he declared his support for “Eric,” without specifying whether he meant Greitens or Schmitt. Trump’s endorsement was quickly claimed by both contenders.

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When it was discovered that Greitens had taken a nude photo of his hairdresser without getting her permission and used it to keep her silent while they were having an illicit affair in 2015, he was forced to resign as governor in disgrace in June 2018. He was accused of criminal invasion of privacy, but the charges were later withdrawn after claims that the principal investigator and the district attorney conducted the investigation improperly. Greitens was also accused of utilising an unlicensed donor list from a charity he formed to generate money for his campaign. When he resigned after the Missouri House launched an impeachment probe, that accusation was also dismissed.

Schmitt, a 47-year-old attorney general, attracted a lot of attention for his high-profile lawsuits. He filed lawsuits against China over the coronavirus, Missouri school districts for teaching critical race theory and requiring masks, and the city of St. Louis for planning to spend $1 million to allow women to go outside the state for abortions. He will compete in November against either Trudy Busch Valentine, an heiress to the Busch family brewing fortune, or Marine veteran and first-time candidate Lucas Kunce. Trudy Busch Valentine, an heir to the Busch family’s brewing empire, will be his opponent in November.

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