‘Euphoria’ Star Angus Cloud Breaks His Skull

Star of “Euphoria,” Angus Cloud, described the accident that led to a shattered skull and five days in the intensive care unit in 2013. The actor has a curving scar that is noticeable on the left side of his skull. He is most known for playing Fez, a heroin dealer with a soft side, in HBO’s popular drama series “Euphoria.” Cloud spoke on his experiences after falling into a construction pit in a new cover story for Variety that was released on Wednesday as part of the magazine’s Young Hollywood 2022 issue.

“I broke my skull on Friday the 13th,” Cloud claimed, describing how he was walking by himself in Oakland after going out with pals and fell into a ditch that was at least 10 feet deep. I woke up at the bottom 12 hours later, he recalled. “I was confined. After — I can’t remember how long — I finally climbed out. Because my skull was cracked but not my skin, all the bleeding was internal and pressing against my brain, making it extremely difficult to escape. They would not, however, locate me there. I came to myself. Or, if you want, God discovered me.”

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According to Cloud, who was around 14 or 15 at the time, he didn’t feel any pain even though his fingers were shattered since he “was in survival mode.” The actor claimed that despite having trouble seeing, he boarded the bus to his mother’s house where she then drove him to a children’s hospital. He said, “I would have died.” “She gave me some water, and I immediately began vomiting up mouthfuls of terrible red blood. That was insane.”

Cloud remarked of the medical staff, “They saved my life. “That is what caused the scar. They sliced up my head, inserted a plate and screws over the area where I had fractured my skull, and then they sealed me back up.” The actor claimed to have spent five days in the intensive care unit (ICU) while “loaded up on morphine,” to have undergone physical and speech therapy, and to feel “fortunate to simply have mild brain damage.”

Cloud told Insider during a virtual press event for season two of “Euphoria” in January that Fez’s history included his real-life scar. Young Fez was shown unintentionally being struck in the head by a crowbar while his grandmother was using it to beat up drug dealers in the season two opener.

When Cloud realised that his fan-favorite character Fez will have an origin story in the most recent season, he told Insider that he was “stoked.” He declared, “The first scene is just a work of art in and of itself.” “However, they wrote up an entire explanation for how I acquired my scar in my backstory, and I thought, “Damn, that’s nasty.” It really has a scar.”

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