Evan Peters On Jeffrey Dahmer's Role

Evan Peters On Jeffrey Dahmer’s Role

Since the actor went completely method for the killer part, when Evan Peters claims he had to morph into Jeffrey Dahmer to do the narrative right, he meant it literally.

The actor opened out about his preparation for the role of Jeffrey Dahmer in the movie “Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” on Saturday, and it turns out that a lot of work went into becoming the man.

Fortunately, he didn’t bring Dahmer home with him and knew how to cope with the constant gloom he had to live with while filming the episode. Some include listening to uplifting music and viewing comedies and light-hearted media.

When the cameras weren’t filming, he explicitly mentioned the movie “Step Brothers” as one he’d watch to lose the Dahmer effect; obviously, playing the Dahmer took its toll on the guy.

 Niecy Nash, who plays Glenda Cleveland on the show and is Evan’s co-star, also gave a speech during the panel. She expressed her appreciation for the show’s exploration of the Dahmer case via several perspectives, particularly those relating to the victims and Glenda Cleveland’s vigilant neighbour.

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She talked about the racism and homophobia in the story, particularly on the part of the police at the time, and said that they had done a fantastic job of depicting that aspect of it.

The initiative has sparked controversy because some people believe it celebrates Dahmer. However, those who have seen it in its entirety know that it is more nuanced than that; it presents this tragedy from various angles without distorting the truth. Peters will almost certainly be nominated for an Emmy and will likely take the prize.