Fairfax Station Crash Kills 2 Teen Girls, Injures 1Fairfax Station Crash Kills 2 Teen Girls, Injures 1

Fairfax Station Crash Kills 2 Teen Girls, Injures 1

Fairfax Station Crash Kills 2 Teen Girls, Injures 1: crash in Fairfax Station, Virginia has left two adolescent girls dead and a third critically injured, according to authorities. Around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, a 2019 Lexus 1S350 collided in the 7400 block of Lee Chapel Road near Fairfax Station, according to Fairfax County police.

The Lexus, according to investigators, was traveling north on the two-lane road when the driver lost control of the vehicle, went off the road, and overturned it onto its roof. At the scene, two of the adolescents passed away. According to police, first responders managed to free the third girl from the Lexus and transport her to a hospital. The cops say she has serious wounds.

One of the two teenagers killed was Ariana Haftsavar, 16, according to her relatives, who spoke with News4. She was a sweet, compassionate young lady who constantly protected smaller children and aspired to become a lawyer. According to Ariana’s family, she was a passenger in the vehicle and her route from SAT class to her house.

In preparation for supper, the family had used an app to track Ariana’s location while they waited for her to arrive home. When the vehicle came to a stop on Lee Chapel Road, four miles from their home, they claimed they immediately realized something was amiss.

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The moment Ariana’s relatives arrived, they witnessed the collision. Her father, Bahman Haftsavar, recalled the moment she broke down and collapsed to the ground, saying, “I want to go and visit her, but the police wouldn’t let me.” “This is my world, I said while pushing him. She is my child. She is everything to me.”

Ariana was a wonderful person, according to Haftsavar, and they are unsure of how they can manage without her. He remarked, “I was trying to teach her the best I could, raise her the best I could. She was my only daughter.” “She had a life to live, but it was ended prematurely. She is no longer present.”

According to Virginia law, police cannot name the victims without parental permission, so they have not disclosed their identities. “It’s a terrible, terrible accident, and our detectives are still looking into it, second lieutenant James Curry of the Fairfax County Police stated. Lee Chapel Road locals informed News4 that they have been raising awareness of the road’s risks for years.

Another juvenile girl lost control of her vehicle along the same stretch in 2015, killing herself in a three-car collision. While traveling down the curvy, winding, and small route, one may also see a memorial cross. Local neighbor Ed Kringer said, “We’ve had to advise taxi drivers to slow down because all of a sudden, it’s going to drop on you.

It may be quite frightening if you’re moving quickly or it’s dark outside “Ted Johnson, a local, remarked. Pat Herrity, the supervisor for Fairfax County, stated that his office had attempted to enlarge Lee Chapel Road twice. Both times—in 2015 and 2017—they failed to secure the necessary funding.

We hear a lot of talk about this road, Herrity noted. Although he claimed there are other roads that also need to be fixed, he wants to try again soon. According to Herrity, as cities have grown, more people are traveling on roads that weren’t built to accommodate them.

According to data, there have been fewer collisions on Lee Chapel Road during the last six years. In 2017 there were 30 traffic accidents, and in 2021 there will be 19 accidents. The statistics for 2022 are still incomplete.

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While detectives were on the scene, Lee Chapel Road was blocked for many hours between Route 123 and the Fairfax County Parkway. It reopened Wednesday morning at five. According to authorities, just the Lexus was involved in the collision. Police think that speed played a part. They disagree and think booze wasn’t.