Family Mourns Boy Killed in Shooting Near Atlantic Station

Family Mourns Boy Killed in Shooting Near Atlantic Station

During tearful statements before a City Council committee this week, the mother of the 12-year-old child who died Saturday night near Atlantic Station after a shooting broke out among a group of youths revealed her feeling of powerlessness as her son sank into a habit of risky behavior.

Zion Charles’ mother, Deerica Charles, claimed to have “called anyone I could” to get her son back on the right track, including the police. She told the Atlanta City Council Public Safety Committee, through tears, “I tried. “I reported my son to the police… I repeatedly contacted the police and asked them to lock my son up so that he could experience what it’s like to be put down.

She continued, “They told me no, we cannot help you. According to APD, the shooting was likely gang-related. The 12-year-family old’s has stated that they do not think he was a member of a gang, nevertheless.

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The boy’s aunt, Dinecia Charles, described him as “simply a child seeking to have fun with other kids,” an onlooker in the incident who “was not the target” and “did not damage anyone,” at a vigil over the weekend. Zion’s twin sister Zyrhia remarked, “He would always make you laugh no matter what you were upset about, mad about, or disappointed about.”

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The mother claimed that just a week before the shooting incident, which also injured five other boys, she had spoken to an officer. She claimed that her son had struggled with mental health concerns and had taken part in car-breaking gangs.


I tried, you guys. In the past two years, I’ve called the police department nearly 30 times, and each time I was informed there was nothing they could do. America stated, “I said he’s out there breaking into these people’s cars, could you please get him off the street?

According to her, she would have to transport him personally to juvenile services since they wouldn’t retain him because “he had to severely hurt somebody for them to keep him,” she continued. But now that he is hurt, I am hurt. I wanted him to understand what it’s like to be told, “This is life, Zion,” and I’m hurt now,” she added. My son left, I said.

In the wake of the massacre and previous instances of teenage gun violence, some local authorities have demanded a youth curfew. Devon Robinson, a supporter of the neighborhood and previous candidate for city council, who introduced the family at the Public Safety Committee meeting, backed that strategy.

Mothers like her ask for assistance, but the city has not provided it, he claimed. America Charles requested that they “assist these young lads while they still have a chance” from the city council. She replied, “Because I don’t have a chance anymore.