Fetterman Vs Oz In Pennsylvania Senate

Fetterman Vs Oz In Pennsylvania Senate

Two surveys conducted following their debate last week indicate that Republican Dr Mehmet Oz is ahead of Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in the tight Pennsylvania Senate race. Since late summer, the TV star doctor’s lead over Fetterman has increased by five percentage points.

In polls conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research and Emerson College after their October 25 meeting in Harrisburg, Oz holds a one-point lead over Fetterman (47.6% to 46.6%) and a two-point advantage (48% to 46%).

As he continues to have issues with auditory processing due to a stroke he sustained in May, Fetterman, the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, frequently found it difficult to respond to questions that he read off a closed caption monitor.

The five percentage point edge Fetterman held in August was gone, according to the Susquehanna poll, conducted between October 28 and November 1. However, 4% of voters claim they are still uncertain.

The fact that more than 76% of respondents stated they watched or read about the debate is a worrying indicator for the Democrat’s campaign. Oz has pushed ahead to a two-point lead and has increased his support by five percentage points from September in the Emerson survey, which was conducted from October 28 to October 31.

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Like the Susquehanna poll, 68% of voters reported knowing about the debate; 44% said it improved their impression of Oz, 25% said it hurt their view of the Republicans, and 31% said it had no effect. At the same time, 31% of voters said nothing changed, 20% said it did, and 50% said the discussion made them think less of Fetterman.

“Oz leads Fetterman 55% to 41% among those who say they have heard, seen, or read a lot about the debate,” said Spencer Kimball, the poll’s executive director. Fetterman has a 56% to 28% advantage among those who have only heard, seen, or read a little about the issue.

The margins of error for each poll’s results are within Oz’s lead. Both surveys’ respondents ranked the economy or inflation as their top voting concern, ranking crime, abortion, and challenges to democracy lower down the list. Following the debate, there were two other polls that both indicated Fetterman was still ahead of Oz.

In a poll released by Fox News between October 26 and 30, Fetterman leads 42% to 42%, a narrower margin than in July, when he led 47% to 36%. After the debate, the number of respondents in the Fox poll who believe Fetterman isn’t fit enough to serve as their senator increased from 23% in July to 39%, up from 34% in September.

But because Oz spent so much time in New Jersey, they are also concerned that he could not be sufficiently aware of their issues. The poll found that 44% of respondents, down from 52% in July, are worried about that issue.

According to a poll conducted by Suffolk University from October 27 to 30, Fetterman now leads Oz by two points (47% to 45%). In the September survey, the lieutenant governor had a six-point advantage.