Fire Breaks Out at Mystic Marina

Fire Breaks Out at Mystic Marina

At the marina at the Mystic, Connecticut, seaport, firefighters fought a four-alarm fire overnight as shocking videos showed strong southerly winds pushing the flames closer to those battling the blaze.

Around nine o’clock in the evening, a fire broke out at Seaport Marine on Washington Street, apparently destroying at least two structures and drawing assistance from multiple local fire departments. According to Mystic Fire Chief Anthony Manfredi Jr., some homeowners left their homes because of fear that the fire would spread to other residences, including those on Willow Street.

As the hours went by, many explosions were audible as the fire continued to burn. Images from the site showed that on the south end of Cottrell Street, strong winds caused a spiral of dark smoke and a sizable fireball at one point. Sparks appeared on a phone line as the flames spread across the river.

Firefighters manipulated big hoses pouring water toward the blaze as engines lined the streets and crews manned boats. The Whaler’s Inn, a boutique hotel, was also evacuated owing to the amount of smoke in the air, according to Stonington Police Deputy Chief Todd Olson.

According to The Day, throngs gathered across the Mystic River to witness the fire, and a state fire marshal was dispatched to help with the cause inquiry. At least one house suffered severe damage. The Old Mystic Fire Department claimed in a Facebook post that it received a call at around 9 p.m. asking for assistance with a structure fire in the Mystic Fire District. Two of its engines provided water supply, fire attack, and exposure protection upon arrival, according to the fire department.

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“For higher master stream operations, our Tower Ladder was additionally configured. At around 2 AM, OMFD employees and equipment were released and brought back to the district “The department posted images of the fire in a letter. We appreciate the equipment and personnel that the East Great Plains and Voluntown Incident Departments provided to protect our district while our units were on duty at the fire.

A four-alarm wind-driven fire on Washington Street in Mystic was being attended to by Norwich Firefighters Local 892’s Truck 1 and Battalion. Multiple buildings were fully involved, according to the union, and some of them fell. A fire boat, several ladder pipes, deck guns, hand lines, and other equipment were in use by the crews.

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Frequently asked questions

In Mystic, Connecticut, where was the fire?

A number of the structures and boats on the property were damaged by the fire that broke out at Seaport Marine on Washington Street. The fire, according to Seaport Marine, destroyed several buildings, and they are grateful to all the first responders for their work in bringing the blaze under control.

Was Mystic, Connecticut, on fire?

NEW HAVEN, Conn. Late Sunday night, a wind-driven fire destroyed a marina in Mystic, Connecticut. Just before 9 p.m., the fire started at Seaport Marine on Washington Street. The fire, which raged for hours, was put out by firefighters using water from the Mystic River.