Five Wounded In Deadly Knife Attack In Italy

Five Wounded In Deadly Knife Attack In Italy

One person was killed and four others, including Spanish soccer player Pablo Mari, were injured when a guy pulled a knife from a grocery store shelf and stabbed five people, according to Italian authorities.

Police in Assago, a suburb of Milan, apprehended a 46-year-old Italian man accused in the attack at a retail mall, according to the carabinieri.

The news agency ANSA reported that a grocery employee passed away on the way to the hospital and that three other victims were in critical condition. According to authorities, another person received shock treatment but was not hospitalised.

Police said the individual displayed symptoms of psychiatric instability, albeit they did not know why he carried out the attacks. There were no indicators of terrorism. Mari, an Arsenal loanee now playing for Monza in Serie A, got hurt. Mari was at the hospital, according to a statement from Arsenal, although she wasn’t gravely hurt.

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In a tweet shared on Twitter, Monza club CEO Adrian Galliano wished the soccer player a quick recovery. Pablo, we all love you and are close to you and your family. Keep fighting as you know how; you are a fighter, and you will recover swiftly, Galliano said.

People were seen fleeing the supermarket in astonishment, according to witnesses who spoke to ANSA. As the seriousness of the situation became apparent, store employees pulled down the store’s shutters.

According to the grocery giant Carrefour, calls alerting police and ambulance crews to the attack were answered right away. The chain offered emotional assistance to employees and customers who were hurt by the incident and expressed its sympathies to them.