_Flash Floods On Monday Rocked Some Dallas Eateries And Pubs

Flash Floods On Monday “Rocked” Some Dallas Eateries And Pubs

Restaurants and bars in hard-hit districts including Deep Ellum, downtown, and east Dallas were evaluating the damage Monday morning as portions of Dallas were struck by flash flooding. Joel Morales, who owns both Adair’s Saloon in Deep Ellum and The Peak Inn in East Dallas, claimed that Peak Inn “shook” and had 3 inches of water moving back and forth inside the structure. Morales said he hopes the business never closes, “but maybe one day.”

Although it was hazardous at first, Adair was alright, he claimed. “It usually happens on the downward slope to the back door when it’s raining moderately hard. But it was cloudy since we also have a sump pump and sandbags. A little water started flowing in through the front door, which I’ve only seen twice in over 20 years.



The front entrance of the Local restaurant on Elm Street was flooded on Monday morning, according to Tracy Miller, chef-owner of the establishment. The water immediately subsided, but the front dining room’s hardwood floor was still covered in leaves and grime. Shad Kvetko of Las Almas Rotas bar said he and his partner were evaluating water damage at Expo Park. Not enough water entered to force the eatery to close.

However, close by, the dining room at Peter Tarantino’s Tarantino’s Cicchetti Bar and Record Lounge on Parry Avenue received roughly 6 inches of water, but everything had subsided by 10 a.m. While some of the records in the living room were destroyed and needed to be replaced, Tarantino claimed that the furniture could still be used. We should be able to open the bar with some nibbles by Thursday, he hoped. I resist giving up easily.

He also mentions that the area’s infrastructure needs some improvement and that the structures are aging. Tarantino claims he had trouble walking at first and resides in a nearby apartment. He claimed that Exposition Avenue had changed into a river. “I wasn’t able to leave my residence. Out the window, all I could see was a river flowing. In the same way, on Parry Avenue. Since acquiring a lease for the restaurant in 2019, Tarantino, according to the speaker, has been on a “roller coaster.”

Due to the pandemic, it postponed opening in 2020 and finally opened in 2021. The restaurant then experienced problems with the plumbing, labour, staff members getting COVID -19, and inflation. Due to decreased dine-in business caused by Fair Park’s Music Hall construction, the restaurant recently had to temporarily close. “I attempt to reopen my doors, and it occurs. One monster simply follows another, according to Tarantino. “The dining sector requires a break. In the last two years, I’ve witnessed more mayhem than I ever have.

Alexandre’s Bar on Cedar Springs Road has declared a “severe weather emergency.” Only local employees are permitted to work today if they are safe, according to an Instagram post, due to the blocked Oak Lawn entrance. As a result, our kitchen won’t be accessible today. We’ll keep a watch on the weather right now and let you know if anything changes. Please avoid driving unless absolutely necessary, and never drive through water that is moving or even just a few inches deep on the road. In Oak Cliff, Xaman Cafe announced it would be “closed until further notice” and would wait for the rain to stop in a video that showed staff scooping water off the floor and out the front door.