Florida Gov. Ron Desantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Less than 24 hours after calling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “Ron De Sanctimonious” at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, former President Donald Trump refrained from teasing DeSantis while awaiting Sen. Marco Rubio backstage at a rally in Miami.

the assistance Trump gave him four years ago. Trump answered, “Well, let’s see what happens. We do, however, hope he wins the election in the meanwhile. And I’ve always gotten along well with him, you know. But let’s wait and see.

Before eventually revealing it at the rally in Pennsylvania, the former president reportedly used the moniker “Ron De Sanctimonious” in secret for weeks, according to a Trump advisor.

The advisor said that “He’s been test-driving it.” The advisor compared the choice to go public to “a little chin music”—a baseball metaphor for the fastball a pitcher tosses at a batter’s head to keep him or her frightened and unsteady.

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Trump has a history of making fun of and demeaning opponents through the use of nicknames. “Little Marco” Marco Rubio gained notoriety in 2016. “Lying Ted” was Ted Cruz.”Low Energy Jeb” was Jeb Bush. And “Crooked Hillary” was Hillary Clinton.

It remains to be seen if the moniker “Ron DeSanctimonious” will catch on or even be useful, but there was nearly immediate backlash from conservative media sources who view DeSantis as the party’s future.

“DeSantis is an exceptionally successful conservative governor who has had real policy victories and real cultural victories,” wrote Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire. Trump won’t be able to win this one by using a stupid nickname. He had better have something more in store than that.

The publisher of Human Events, Will Chamberlain, predicted that DeSantis would run and defeat Trump handily. “That’s Trump,” Chamberlain continued. Yes, he lacks discipline and is egocentric, which causes him to make terrible mistakes. This is the reason DeSantis is preferred by many serious MAGA supporters, including myself.

It seemed as though the criticism had chastened Trump during the interview with Miami. The former President refused to address the claim made by DeSantis backers that if they voted for DeSantis, they would have all of Trump’s policies without any of his baggage or scandals.

Trump answered, “Well, I don’t think we have any baggage.” “You know, for four years, people fought against us. And if you don’t fight back, you have nothing to carry around. But I strike back as no one has ever struck back.

And for that reason, we received tax cuts. We rebuilt our military as a result. We overcame ISIS. We carried out all of our previous actions. And when you consider what is currently occurring, it is a shame what has happened to our nation.

Trump said, “So, you know, you could talk about a little controversy, but remember this, if you don’t fight back, you don’t have controversy, but you don’t win. Before being questioned about how a Republican primary between himself and DeSantis would go, the former President agreed when it was pointed out that Governor DeSantis advertises himself as a fighter as well.

Trump concluded the interview by saying, “Well, I think I’ve done very well, and I hope he’s going to be elected [on Tuesday].” A little while later, he spoke in Miami, mentioning DeSantis only briefly at the opening of his remarks: “You’re going to re-elect Ron DeSantis as your governor.”