Florida Woman 72 Year Stabbed By 100-Pound Sailfish

A sailfish that weighed 100 pounds leapt out of the water and stabbed a woman, 72, in Florida, US, in an odd event. The incident reportedly happened on July 19 off the coast of Florida. The fish leaped out and stabbed the woman on the boat on July 19 while two persons were attempting to catch it off the coast of Florida.

Which woman was she?

Katherine Perkins of Maryland was eventually revealed to be the injured woman. She was on a yacht with Louis Toth and Dominic Bellezza when she was 72 years old. Katherine told the authorities that the sailfish attacked her in the groyne as she was standing close to the centre console. The sailfish allegedly chased the boat before it leaped out and stabbed Katherine Perkins, according to the other two passengers.

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Katherine claims that everything happened so quickly that she did not have time to understand it or intervene to protect herself. Mr. Toth and Mr. Bellezaa, the other two passengers, assisted Katherine and applied pressure to the wound until they arrived at the shore about an hour later. After docking, firefighters treated Katherine’s wound and transported her to the closest hospital.

What are the sailfish facts?

One of the fish species that can swim faster than 50 mph is the sailfish. Sailfish are well renowned for having a long, pointed stick that looks similar to a swordfish’s. A sailfish can grow to be more than 10 feet long and more than 200 pounds in weight, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The sailfish must have weighted at least 100 pounds, according to all three of the boat’s occupants. In recent years, the incidence of these instances has been disturbingly increasing. Recently, a video of an unprovoked swordfish attack on a deep sea diver that was caught on camera off the coast of Brazil went viral.

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