Former Texas Prosecutor's Husband Charged With Her Murder

Former Texas Prosecutor’s Husband Charged With Her Murder

Former Texas Prosecutor’s Husband Charged With Her Murder: A former Texas prosecutor for domestic abuse has accused her husband of killing her on New Year’s Day. On Sunday, Jeffrey McLaughlin, 58, of Granbury, was charged with first-degree criminal murder and lodged in the Hood County Jail.

Venisa McLaughlin was the victim, according to Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds, who declined to provide any other information on the circumstances of her passing away. According to the sheriff, his investigators were reviewing the evidence and “still actively investigating” the matter, according to Hood County News.

Venisa McLaughlin handled issues involving protective orders and mental commitments, among other things, in his office as an assistant county attorney, according to Hood County Attorney Matt Mills.

After quitting her position in April, she worked at Pecan Financial Services, assisting individuals needing estate planning. Mills referred to the news of McLaughlin’s passing as “heartbreaking” in a message he put on his Facebook page.

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She worked in our office for more than five years, and at the beginning of his first term, he wrote, “She assisted us through some tough times.” She was a tremendous asset to my 2020 reelection campaign as well. Her two daughters and the rest of her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

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The older daughter of McLaughlin had just received her law degree, according to a statement on her ebook pagdoesn’tmother of two wrote in M”y”last year, “The apple doesn’t work faI’mfar from the tree.” “The family now has two lawyers! I’m very happy for my girl! On a $250,000 bond, Jeffrey McLaughlin remained in jail on Tuesday.