Frank James Pleads Guilty in Subway Shooting

Frank James Pleads Guilty in Subway Shooting

Frank James Pleads Guilty in Subway Shooting: According to authorities, Frank James, suspected of killing ten people in a Brooklyn subway station in April, entered a guilty plea to terrorism-related counts on Tuesday.

James, 63, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, entered a guilty plea on ten counts, one for each of his shooting victims, of committing a terrorist attack or other act of violence against a mass transit vehicle, as well as one count of using a firearm in furtherance of his attack on Tuesday in a Brooklyn courtroom.

Following James’ guilty plea, Commissioner Keechant Sewell of the New York City Police Department said: “Today’s guilty plea is a definitive admission of the fear Mr. James wreaked on New Yorkers last April in Brooklyn, and he is being held accountable for his terrible conduct that morning.”

“The lifeblood of New York City is the biggest transit system in our country. And its subway users expect and deserve the quick, well-organized, and precise work displayed by everyone concerned in successfully ending this horrible catastrophe.”

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James’ sentencing has not yet been set, but for each of the 11 offenses, the maximum sentence is life in prison. James pleaded guilty and acknowledged carrying out a planned attack on an N subway train in Brooklyn on April 12, leaving ten people shot and 29 others injured.

Even though nobody was killed, authorities charged him with trying to murder some New Yorkers that day just before 8:30 a.m. during rush hour. James detonated a smoke grenade and started shooting inside a train at the 36th Street and Fourth Avenue station while posing as a metro employee and wearing a bright orange jacket and a yellow hard hat.

The smoke bomb, according to the prosecution, was used to frighten commuters into running for cover at one end of the subway car, where James could quickly kill his victims. Additional victims experienced smoke inhalation and other bodily wounds along with the ten people who were shot.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said on Tuesday that the defendant “set up a smoke bomb in a New York City subway car and then fired a revolver more than 30 times, hitting ten innocent persons.”

The Justice Department will work tirelessly to punish those who commit acts of mass violence and frighten our communities accountable, as seen by today’s guilty plea. After the shooting, police initiated a search for James, who was eventually apprehended the next day in Manhattan’s East Village by patrol police officers.

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According to the prosecution, the attack was planned by James as early as 2017, when he started buying smoke grenades, ammo, firearms, and his MTA disguise. Police discovered a collection of weapons, including an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, after making the arrest.