FryAway Net Worth What Happened After Shark Tank

FryAway Net worth: What Happened After Shark Tank?

FryAway Net worth: A substance made from plants called FryAway changes frying oil from liquid to solid. FryAway is entirely safe because it is manufactured with non-toxic ingredients and natural oils derived from plants. This product makes it simple to remove fat without endangering the cookware.

The creator and CEO of FryAway Company, Laura Lady, formally started the Business in 2020. Although frying is messy, Laura like fried meals because they are flavorful and crunchy. Typically, people pour frying oil into plastic containers like bottles, jars, and bags before pouring it down the sink, etc.

When Laura and her family were talking about “fatbergs” one day, she began looking into disposable cooking oil. Following much investigation, FryAway was created. Many believe cooking oil will vanish after being poured down the drain, but this is untrue. It ultimately turns into a significant issue. Some individuals fill the glass and plastic jars with cooking oil and dump them in landfills, which is not a smart idea.

FryAway has provided plant-based powder to address this issue. On Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 13, Laura Lady makes an appearance with her product and asks the sharks for $250,000 for 10% ownership at a $2.5 million valuation. Laura has created a fantastic product that helps the environment and addresses a pressing issue.

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What is FryAway?

FryAway is a plant-based, non-toxic energy that solidifies liquid cooking oil. When cooking oil solidifies, it takes on jelly’s appearance and texture and feels similar to jelly in the palm.

Three types of this non-toxic power are available: pan fry, deep fry, and super fry. Deep frying calls for up to 8 cups in 2 liters of oil while pan-frying calls for 2 cups in 0.5 liters. Please check the FAQ page for further details.

Cooking oil cooked with power added should be allowed to cool before becoming solid. Once it has hardened, throw it in the garbage; alternatively, compost it. The product is offered on Amazon, the business website, and in more than 1180 independent stores. The product is priced at $9.99, $12.99, and $15.99.

Who Is FryAway’s Founder?

The CEO and Founder of FryAway are Laura Lady. After earning her MBA from the International University of Japan, Laura worked as a marketer for several companies. Laura has worked in the marketing industry for 15 years. She held marketing management positions with several businesses, including Mattel and Lego Group.

FryAway Before Shark Tank

During the Covid19 Pandemic in 2020, Laura created this solution to address the issue of fried oil. Laura is an expert in marketing and has extensive experience in sales and operations. She employed her expertise to expand the firm, and as a result, she was successful.

To boost product sales, they are concentrating on word-of-mouth advertising. Many consumers responded favorably to the new product after its release. On April 20, 2022, Good Things Utah on ABC4 showcased this product.

By May 2022, this product will be offered in most Walmart locations across the country. As of January 2023, this product is provided by the supermarket chains Walmart, Kroger, and others, as well as Amazon.

How Did FryAway’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Laura Lady enters the Shark Tank and requests $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity. Laura said that the drain is entirely blocked with frying oil every year. Laura developed a plant-based, non-toxic power FryAway to address this issue.

After hardening, cooking oil begins to break down after 30 days. Laura’s first year in Business has just ended. They have thus far made up to $70,000. After the product introduction, they had a positive cash flow within two months. From her garage, Laura produces this product.

Laura invested $2,000 in equipment so she could begin producing goods in her garage. Laura spent 18 years promoting toys for several businesses, including Mattel and the Lego Group. Laura’s parents are natives of Honduras, a Central American nation, and she is a second-generation American.

Laura is fluent in four languages: Spanish, French, Italian, and English. After producing in a garage, a website for product sales was made on Shopify, and the company was launched with $15,000 in funding. Laura created the Amazon campaign, listed the product on Amazon, and put a lot of emphasis on PR or media. Amazon has 15,000 monthly users and is expanding by 10% to 11% each month.

There are 4 SKUs for this product; the starting price is $9.99, the highest price is $15.99, and the landed cost is $0.99. Their gross margin for this year is 34%, and their current net margin is 9%. On Amazon, 43% of sales are reinvested. An estimated $300,000 will be spent on Amazon this year.

Laura says they need funding for POS and will introduce the product at 1100 Kroger stores this week. Kevin O’Leary is gone because he claimed he doesn’t “fry” anything. Daymond John declared that this industry was not for him. Thus he left. According to Robert Herjavec, the area of fried foods is not thrilling to him. Therefore he is out. Lori Greiner decides to submit an offer. $250k for 20% stock is her offer.

Laura offers each $250k in exchange for a 20% stake when Mark Cuban informs Lori he wants to partner with them. Laura counters with $250k for 20% equity after Lori offers 25%, but Laura argues that’s too much. Laura agrees when Mark Cuban counters with 22% equity.

Update for FryAway Shark Tank

On January 27, 2023, FryAway’s version of Shark Tank aired, and Laura pitched her product as a remedy for a genuine need. The company’s revenue and development were heavily discussed in the Shark Tank episode.

What Is The Net Worth of FryAway?

The estimated value of FryAway is $1.1 million. This Business has had rapid growth since 2020, and significant American retailers carry its products. Another environmental hazard comes from cooking oil waste, which many people today engage in. It will have a terrible impact on wildlife in the future.

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Does FryAway still Business

Since 2020, Laura has been in charge of the FryAway Company, and in 2021 the company’s growth rate was raised. This plant-based power product is offered on Amazon, where thousands of customers have given it 4.3 stars.

Many customers claim that the product is fantastic and effective. This D2C Business has its headquarters in Concord, New Hampshire, and employs between 2 and 10 employees. FryAway is still operating as of January 2023, yes.


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