G4 TV Shuts Down A Year After Its Relaunch

G4 TV Shuts Down A Year After Its Relaunch

After failing to restart the gaming channel last year, Comcast is shutting down G4, according to a report from Deadline. The channel had its linear cable debut back in 2002, and it lasted until the last studio shows were cancelled in 2012 when it was eventually replaced by the Esquire Network.

The channel has had minimal viewership and has not “achieved sustainable financial returns,” according to an internal memo from Dave Scott, the CEO of Comcast’s Spectacor subsidiary, that was obtained by Deadline before it was even sent.


 Several G4 employees said in their tweets that before getting Scott’s message personally, they first learnt about the shutdown from the early press reports and tweets. We have therefore made the extremely difficult decision to cease G4’s operations, with immediate effect, Scott says. “This is not what we planned for.”

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In the previous year, G4 made a comeback on several networks, including Comcast/Xfinity, Verizon Fios, Cox, and Philo. In an effort to appeal to the nostalgia of fans who tuned into the network two decades ago, it made its debut with programmes like Attack of the Show, Xplay, and Ninja Warrior.

The business also had a long-term contract with Twitch, where it occasionally held streams before switching back to traditional television. In order to “discuss alternative options that may be available,” Scott continues, the company’s human resources department will get in touch with members of the G4 team.