Gary Owen's Divorce Why Did He Split From His Wife

Gary Owen’s Divorce: Why Did He Split From His Wife?

In 2003, Kenya Duke and Gary Owen exchanged vows. Emilio, Kennedy, and Austin are the three children they have together. Duke and Emilio Toliver Senior’s biological son Emilio, their oldest child, is 31. Owen and Duke’s biological children, Kennedy and Austin, are now aged 21 and 20, respectively.

Following 18 years of marriage, Duke filed for divorce in California’s Los Angeles County Superior Court in March 2021 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. People Magazine claimed in June of that same year that Duke had requested Owen for $44,000 per month in spousal support after she abandoned her “promising position as an account manager” for the comedian.


“I am requesting that Gary be ordered to continue making the monthly deposits of $44,000 as that has been our status quo for approximately four (4) years’ as well as a lump sum payment of $88,000 for the last two months he has failed to provide me with funds.”

The podcaster and businesswoman, however, did not restrain herself from disclosing the details of her nuptials on social media. Duke said in a since-deleted Instagram post that Gary Owen withheld money from the family and had adulterous affairs while they were married.

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Kenya Duke, who supposedly paid the mortgage, tagged the comedian in a lengthy post that she published, according to Hot New Whip Whop, and urged him to “stop lying about paying the mortgage.”

“Those squatters that you talk about living here, they don’t. We only got 1 problem a lying narcissist and he don’t live here no more. I am over here doing me. We don’t bother you at all for nothing. You push too far. The daddy you so viciously talk about on stage, about how terrible he was to you, when he was in his 20’s is who you are at 48 years old.”

Gary Owen also addressed Kenya’s allegations in June 2021 when he appeared on the Wendy Williams Show. He claimed that his attorney had advised him not to comment on the subject at the time, but his divorce from Duke has taken a “major twist.”

During the same interview, Gary Owen addressed media claims that he hasn’t seen his children, saying they are all adults and that it’s “not uncommon when you have adult kids not to see them for a couple of months.” He clarified the situation further by saying:

“My daughter was in college when the news broke. She’s staying with Kenya, and she has a job. I’m on the road. We’re talking, we’re texting.”

Gary Owen also clarified that he is not a “deadbeat parent,” as Kenya Duke had referred to him after accusing him of infidelity.