George Clooney Gladys Knight Among Kennedy Center Honorees

At the upcoming ceremony, which is normally held the first weekend in December, George Clooney, Gladys Knight, U2, Amy Grant, and Tania León will receive Kennedy Center Honors. Done+Dusted will once again act as executive producer of the 45th annual ceremony, which will once again be broadcast on CBS. The director is Alex Rudzinski. Prior to the ceremony, the awardees often attend a reception at the White House, as well as a party the night before that is held by the secretary of state.

According to Deborah Rutter, president of the Kennedy Center, “The Honors is frequently referred to by prior recipients as the summit of prizes since it values an artist’s cumulative body of work and influence over many decades, rather than just one performance, album, or film. It’s crucial to distinguish at this level. With this all-encompassing perspective, the Honorees of each year contribute yet another layer to the intricate and inspiring collage of artists that collectively tell the tale of our collective contribution to world culture.

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Clooney’s humanitarian activities and his “special brand of honest charisma and his entire embodiment of a character has driven us to root for him every time,” according to David Rubenstein, chairman of the Kennedy Center. Grant was the first musician to put Christian music “in the forefront of American society, then equally prospered after crossing over into mainstream pop with success after hit,” according to the author.

Knight, dubbed the “Empress of Soul,” has demonstrated “a vast vocal range and soulfulness that has lasted the test of time,” according to Rubenstein. He claimed that León, the composer who won the Pulitzer Prize, “has blessed America for more than five decades with her stunningly innovative creations and continues to have a great impact on classical music.” With their iconic anthems, potent lyrics, and strong messages of social justice and global citizenship, U2 “won over America and the globe long ago, creating a musical legacy that transcends generations, inspires, and unites.”

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