Gmail’s New Unified Design Is Now Rolling Out To Everyone

UPDATE 7/28: Google has chosen to begin distributing the new integrated Gmail look to everyone this week(Opens in a new window), providing they have Chat turned on. The new design will still be present even if Chat is disabled, but it will only affect Gmail and not the other apps (Chat, Meet, Spaces). Though not everyone will notice it today, the new design should be there soon enough.

The option to “Go back to the original Gmail view” should be available under Quick Settings in Settings if you really don’t like it. Take advantage of the outdated look while you still can because Google’s future plans are uncertain. The development of Gmail since its introduction more than 18 years ago is also shown in a movie that Google has made available: 6/29 UPDATE: Whether you like it or not, Google is introducing a new design for Gmail, and they have revealed that it will be an opt-out experience (Opens in a new window).

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So, when they open Gmail the following time, more users will notice the updated design. There is still a choice in the settings section to return to basic Gmail if that applies to you and you don’t like it. Take some time to see if you can adjust to Google’s new design for its email client before switching back, keeping in mind that the classic layout option will soon be removed. You’ll have to eventually, or you’ll have to find a substitute.

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