Google Releases Android 13 For Pixel Phones

Google Releases Android 13 For Pixel Phones

Android 13 was released by Google today for Pixel devices, and it is currently rolling out to devices. Though there is no option to revert to Android 12, for owners of the Pixel 6 series, Android 13 is effectively a permanent upgrade. The majority of Android upgrades are reversible, allowing the user to manually sideload the update to install an earlier version.

This always necessitates factory resetting your phone and wiping all of your data, but it is a process that is doable. The Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a are impossible to roll back to Android 12 builds using Android 13, though. Users won’t be able to switch back to Android 12 after installing this new version, Google stated on the website where it hosts Factory Images.

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Although this is an unusual action by Google, the change is due to a new bootloader update that “increments the anti-roll back version.” Since a few years ago, Google has included this security feature in Android, usually to stop devices from being compromised via exploits from earlier software releases.

For the majority of users, this won’t often be a problem, but it’s still intriguing. It becomes sense to think that Google Tensor may be involved given the devices it impacts. Just be aware that updating to Android 13 on a Pixel 6 series device makes it permanently functional.