Gov. Ducey Congratulates Hobbs While Lake Refuses to Concede

Gov. Ducey Congratulates Hobbs While Lake Refuses to Concede

Even as the lost Republican candidate, Kari Lake, refuses to accept defeat, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) stated on Wednesday that his government would facilitate a seamless transition to Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs.

Driving the news: “We’ve all patiently waited for the democratic process to occur. After meeting with Hobbs more than a week after it was evident that she had won, Ducey issued a statement saying, “The people of Arizona have spoken, their ballots have been tabulated, and we accept their decision.

The day after media outlets declared Hobbs, the winner, Ducey called to congratulate her but had not released a statement, according to the AP.

  • The Republican Governors Association, of which the departing governor was a co-chair, reportedly spent over $10 million on advertising criticising Hobbs.

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According to AP, Ducey did not campaign with Lake despite endorsing the entire Republican ticket for the general election.

What he’s saying: “Today, I congratulated Governor-elect Katie Hobbs on her victory in a fiercely contested campaign and extended my entire support as she gets ready to take over as governor of the State of Arizona,” Ducey stated.

  • According to my administration, the transfer will be seamless and painless as feasible.

Quick recap: Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state, defeated Trump supporter Lake in the campaign for governor and will take over as the party’s first representative in the office since 2006.

  • Former local TV news anchor Lake was regarded as a rising talent in the Republican Party’s MAGA wing.
  • She earlier refused to commit to accepting the election results if they weren’t in her favour and said that she planned to contest them if she lost.