Grieving Oahu Family Seeks Answers After New Year's Fireworks Disaster

Grieving Oahu Family Seeks Answers After New Year’s Fireworks Disaster

Grieving Oahu Family Seeks Answers After New Year’s Fireworks Disaster: A Wahiawa family’s loved one was removed from life support after a fireworks tragedy that occurred only minutes into 2023, so the beginning of the new year has been unimaginably tragic. On Wednesday, Kenneth Meyers, 28, passed away.

There were numerous witnesses, but according to the family, nobody has come forward to provide a detailed account of how the tragedy occurred. At the Queen’s Medical Center, Meyers spent his last moments in a coma that was surgically induced.

“It was tough. Knowing that my brother won’t be returning home is extremely difficult. Sibling Lana Lindsey commented, “Seeing him on the table like that. It’s way too early for this. Only 28 years old, he.

The tragedy occurred during New Year’s Eve festivities in a community off Wilikina Drive on Lakeview Circle, Meyers’ family informed HNN, adding that they are in shock. Everyone held their parties, according to Lindsey. “We were exactly here” (at the house of her sister).

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A little after midnight, according to Lindsey, her brother stepped outside to explore the neighborhood. The phone rang when she was inside tending to her infant: there was an emergency. They reported that our brother was unconscious and lying on the ground, she continued. “I made my way there. He was surrounded by everyone.

Meyers, according to Lindsey, sustained a significant head injury to the left side of his head. “Right here, the entire side. She said that the fireworks had been destroyed. The final four days of Kenneth’s life were spent in the hospital with family by his side. Late Wednesday afternoon, his life support was turned off.

His sister claims that he helped two females who were waiting for organ transplants. He still has a heart, said Lindsey. “He was there for everyone at all times. He was content. The family was always the center of everything.

The mother, sisters, nieces, and nephews of Meyers came together on Thursday to share their terrible story to save other tragedies. It was this same love that drove them. Illegal fireworks are extremely risky, according to Lindsey.

“People ought to handle their fireworks more responsibly. Anyone can experience anything. As they attempt to put together the events preceding Sunday’s catastrophe, the family is also appealing to the public for help.

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“We don’t know the complete narrative of what transpired,” stated Lindsey. The family claims that planning for the funeral is now underway. Once such plans are complete, they will be released. A GoFundMe page has been created in the interim to assist with funding