GTA 6 will Reportedly Feature A Female Protagonist

Rockstar’s action-packed game Grand Theft Auto VI will purportedly include the first female protagonist in the franchise, bringing something fresh to the series. Although Grand Theft Auto VI has been under development for what seems like an eternity, things are allegedly going well. According to a recent Bloomberg story, the publisher brought on new producers to speed up the process.

The actual content of its games is being impacted by changes in business culture. Part of this, according to the report, entails a Latina lady becoming one of the playable protagonists. Previous GTA games had a male character or characters who caused trouble, stole automobiles, and carried out tasks for various shady individuals. This will be Rockstar’s first contemporary game with a selectable female character.

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According to reports, GTA 6 will include a female lead.
According to Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, the protagonists of GTA 6 will be modelled after the actual criminal pair Bonnie and Clyde, who in the 1920s led a group in a series of bank robberies across the country.

People who wanted to play Grand Theft Auto as a female character frequently chose external mods with unique characters. With the help of its large player base, GTA Online has created a diverse cast of protagonists who draw inspiration from real-world figures. No woman has ever been a playable character in the Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead series’ story mode, according to Rockstar. This represents a big change for the GTA series, which has previously faced criticism for the way it has portrayed women.

GTA 6’s female protagonist will co-star with a brand-new male protagonist. This comes after GTA 5, which offered a choice of three different main characters. Each one’s backstories, supporting cast, and gameplay elements were unique. According to reports, the game may alter its tone to be more considerate to underrepresented groups. It is likely that GTA 6 will contain less insults directed at delicate subjects than prior games. Other Rockstar games that were re-released had their content changed to eliminate material that might be more divisive today.

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