Hannah Warren Woman Killed in Lake After Failings by Met Police

Hannah Warren: Woman Killed in Lake After Failings by Met Police 

Hannah Warren: Woman Killed in Lake After Failings by Met Police: The family of a London lady who was discovered dead in a Welsh lake has demanded “major reforms” from the Met after learning of its errors. Hannah Warren, 28, who had been reported missing the day before, crashed her car into a harbor in February 2016.

The Met Police inquiry had “inadequacies,” according to an inquest panel, which may have contributed to her demise. e Metropolitan acknowledged mistakes and promised to “attempt to learn any lessons” from the inquest. Leaving her Streatham home that morning in her car, Ms. Warren, the marketing director, was reported missing on February 3.


At around 3:30 GMT the following day, she was seen landing at Port Talbot Docks on surveillance cameras. Ward Ramsey, an assistant coroner for Swansea Neath Port Talbot, said he thought she drove into the water, got out, climbed out, and then fell back in.

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Several hours later, a member of the public discovered her body. A ter, police divers located her automobile in the sea close by. The automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera picked up Ms. Warren’s auto many times throughout the trip to

l neither the family nor any efforts were made to determine whether she had any connections to those regions, according to the coroner.

According to her brother Tom Warren, local authorities might have intervened to prevent her from traveling to Port Talbot if she had been deemed a more significant threat. The Me Metro olitan Police, who oversaw the investigation into her disappearance, acknowledged five mistakes in the case, including a “lack of action” during the night shift, “insufficient usage” of ANPR cameras, and “shortcomings” in connections with other police departments.

However, the family’s 2017 complaint to the police watchdog regarding handling the case concluded that there was “insufficient evidence” to support it. “We’d like to see e Me  Police make big changes in how they handle missing people,” Ms. Warren’s mother, Jane Barnes, told the BBC.

According to her, its systems “don’t seem to be connected in any way,” and they “aren’t calling family.” Her son claimed that “bog-standard policing” had failed. We don’t want any e else to experience this, he continued. “Without improvement t, m re people will pass away needlessly, and other families will suffer the loss of loved ones.”

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Mr. Warren claimed to the BBC that his sister sent “incoherent and disorganized” texts the day before she vanished. She claimed in them that she had spoken with Barack Obama over the phone and that the FBI was pursuing her.


The inquest panel determined that she had been experiencing mental illness after returning a narrative verdict. Her family believes she died accidentally: “It was not suicide,” Ms. Barnes said. The death was called a “tragedy” by Ch Supt Colin Wingrove of the Met Police.

We must accept the inquest’s conclusions, he said. I hope to have the oppor unity to personally apologize to the family for the police response’s failings. “The Met fully resp cts the jury’s judgment and will endeavor to draw any lessons from the hearing,” he continued.


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