Hays County Schools Placed Bonds on the May Ballot to Address Growing Growth

Hays County Schools Placed Bonds on the May Ballot to Address Growing Growth

Hays County CISD, San Marcos CISD, and Dripping Springs ISD have placed millions of dollars in bonds on the May ballot in response to the area’s exponential expansion. The bonds will enable the districts to grow and construct schools if they receive voter approval. Since 2010, the population of Hays County has nearly doubled, and hundreds of additional pupils enroll each year in local schools.

According to Tim Savoy, chief communications officer for Hays CISD, the district has 700 more kids this year than it did last year, and for the next ten years, an additional 1,000 children are expected to enroll. Savoy said we are expanding by the same amount as building an additional elementary school each year.

During the 2023–2024 academic year, Dripping Springs ISD’s primary, middle, and high schools are anticipated to be overcrowded. During the following five years, San Marcos CISD anticipates receiving between 100 and 300 new students year.

Savoy claimed that each district is experiencing growing pains due to the influx of new students. When a new school is constructed, attendance zone maps must be redrawn, and students may find themselves allocated to another institution.

Hays County Schools Placed Bonds on the May Ballot to Address Growing Growth
Hays County Schools Placed Bonds on the May Ballot to Address Growing Growth

Savoy says it’s one of the most challenging tasks facing school systems. And the reason for that is that specific campuses win the hearts of both parents and students. But it would be best if you altered your behavior. When the annual budget doesn’t have enough money to cover all the anticipated initiatives, school districts turn to bonds.

After voters approved a bond proposal, the school board borrows money by selling bonds to investors and eventually paying the money back plus interest. The school district raises its property tax rate if it cannot repay the loan for some reason.

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The bond plan for San Marcos CISD would raise property taxes if approved, while the precise proportion is still being determined. There won’t be any tax rate increases as a result of the bond election, according to Dripping Springs ISD and Hays County CISD.

In recent years, Texas voters have been reticent to support school bonds. Since 2020, fewer have passed in Texas. A new elementary school could be constructed along Bunton Lane, close to Lehman High School, thanks to the Hays CISD’s planned bond. There are four separate bonds totaling $361 million:

  • Prop A: $211 million for new school buses, enlarging and enhancing existing schools, and constructing new educational facilities
  • Prop B: $94 million for improvements to facilities for the performing arts, sports, and career and technical education
  • Prop C: $4 million for technological upgrades
  • Prop D: $52 million to build outdoor multipurpose pavilions

The district could construct a new Mendez Elementary School building thanks to the San Marcos CISD’s proposed bond, which would fund improvements and additions at several elementary, middle, and high schools.

  • Prop A: $148 million to build new schools, upgrade and expand existing ones, and purchase new student buses. Also, the district’s technology and infrastructure for safety would be improved.
  • Prop B: $980,000 to renovate and replace the field turf at Rattler Stadium at San Marcos High School
  • Prop C: $17 million to build a San Marcos High School natatorium.

The proposed bond for the Dripping Springs ISD is one proposal with a $223.7 million total. In addition to enlarging and upgrading one elementary school, two middle schools, and one high school, it also calls for a new primary school and a unique education facility.

A new elementary, middle, and high school would also be designed with the help of the bond, and all campuses might benefit from the security and technological upgrades. The registration deadline is April 6. Election Day is May 6, and early voting begins on April 24.

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