Heidi Klum Dresses As A Worm For Her Annual Halloween Party (1)

Heidi Klum Dresses As A Worm For Her Annual Halloween Party

Heidi Klum wore a worm costume at her celebrity-studded 21st annual Halloween party on Monday at Sake No Hana in the brand-new Lower East Side Moxy hotel. Tom Kaulitz, Klum’s husband, dressed as a fisherman with his wormy wife attached to his line, found Klum to be quite the catch.

She told reporters on the red carpet on Monday, “I tried to go outside of the box and come up with other things and last year I was thinking, oh, a tree would be cool, or like, a plant, and then I kind of went from plant to rainworm.” One of Klum’s favourite costumes, which she said took more than 10 hours to make, she said.

She cited this as one of the best examples because it is extraordinary, enormous, and peculiar. The model acknowledged that moving around in intricate costumes is challenging. “Moving is difficult for me. I don’t have arms or legs,” she declared. “When I trip, I need assistance getting back up. You know, I’m kind of entrenched in it. It has a slightly cramped feeling.

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Klum recorded her getting-ready routine on Amazon Live before squeezing along the blue carpet. Before the spooky festivities, she also tweeted a naked photo of herself to display her spray tan.

Questlove provided music for the event, and Elon Musk arrived with his mother, Maye Musk, on his arm. Ice-T and Coco, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Kim Petras, and Heather Graham were all in attendance at the annual spooky party. Partygoers sipped on Baileys Shakeados and Baileys S’mores Martinis, two of the brand’s hallmark drinks.

Over the years, Klum has worn some notable Halloween outfits. In the second year she hosted the event, she arrived on a real horse while dressed as Lady Godiva, and in 2011, her monkey costume completely wowed the crowd.

She was startled in a detailed butterfly costume in 2014, having previously dressed as an older woman in 2013. She attracted attention when she appeared in 2016 with five people decked up as her clones.

Her most spooky appearance may have been in 2019 when she appeared unrecognizably as an alien zombie in a 10-hour-long outfit. And as Princess Fiona from the film “Shrek,” sported a rugged and royal appearance in 2018.

The celebration was held at Sake No Hana, a future modern Japanese restaurant from Tao Group Hospitality. It was sponsored by Now Screaming x Prime Video and Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur. According to a press statement, the model teamed up with Trick-Or-Treat @unicefusa to support their annual Halloween campaign, raising money for needy children.