Henry Winkler Says He Turned Down Grease

Henry Winkler Says He Turned Down Grease

The actor acknowledged that he was a fool to reject such a significant part. Henry Winkler disclosed that he turned down a considerable acting position.

The Barry actor sat down with CNN and opened up about his professional challenges. He also disclosed that he turned down the Danny Zuko part in the Grease musical movie.

During his conversation with Chris Wallace, Winkler reflected on his reservations about landing another part that had “as much impact as the Fonz,” his enduring role in the 1974 television sitcom Happy Days.

How will I find out? Will I ever be questioned? Before Wallace revealed that he was offered the role of Danny Zuko before John Travolta, he said, “I’m not getting any offers. Are you a complete moron? When Wallace questioned, Winkler retorted, “Yes, I am.”

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“I didn’t notice till years later. I stated, “I should’ve just shut up and had a fantastic time shooting that movie,” adding, “I should’ve thought I’d played the Fonz. I don’t want to do it again. I’m going to solidify. It has already happened. I’m already typecast.”

“I leave for home, refuse, and drink a diet Coke. After finishing the movie, John Travolta returns home and buys a plane, he joked.

With theatrical re-releases, reunions, and even a live television production back in 2016, the musical movie became a cultural phenomenon that still impacts pop culture today.

Winkler has had a distinguished career since Grease debuted more than 40 years ago, with parts on “Happy Days, Scream, Waterboy, Parks & Rec, Arrested Development, and now Barry,” he stated. However, Winkler did not take on the role of the T-Bird leader.