Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate Race (2)

Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate Race

According to a KFile review of his campaign speeches, Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker claimed to live in Texas during a speech in January and claimed he decided to run for Georgia’s Senate seat while at his Texas “home” when facing new and intensifying questions about his residency in the final week of the runoff campaign.

Following the KFile report last week that Walker was receiving a Texas tax deduction intended for a primary residence, Walker’s Georgia opponents have called for a state probe of Walker’s domicile. By doing so, they hope to avoid violating Georgia election laws and Texas tax laws.

Walker told the University of Georgia College Republicans in January of this year, “I live in Texas. Walker made the remarks while chastising Democrats for not traveling to the border. I occasionally traveled down to the border, he said. Walker stated earlier in the speech that he decided to compete for Georgia’s Senate seat while visiting his Texas home as a result of the division in the nation.

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“Everyone wants to know why I decided to run for the Senate. Because to be quite honest with you, I never in a million years imagined doing this,” Walker remarked. And that’s the real story. While I was watching what was happening in our country from my Texas house, I was sitting in my Texas home. I was observing what was taking place in this nation and how they were attempting to polarise the populace.

On December 6, the Georgia Republican will face Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in a runoff election. To date, Walker and his team have not responded to inquiries concerning his residence or the news of the tax advantage on other media outlets.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported on Monday that a complaint had prompted Georgia authorities to look into Walker’s place of residence. Georgia Democrats demanded an immediate probe into Walker’s residence in a statement, and Georgia Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikema Williams also asked authorities to check to determine if Walker had lied about residing in Georgia.

Williams demanded an urgent investigation into whether Herschel Walker had lied about being a Georgia resident at the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the Georgia Attorney General’s office. made media appearances while running for the Senate from his residence in Texas.

Walker appeared on Fox News and other conservative media from his Texas home at least four times after launching his candidacy for Georgia’s Senate seat, according to a File investigation of some of his events and media appearances from 2021 and 2022.

Interviews were conducted twice at his Texas home in September 2021 and again in February and March of 2022. All 20 of Walker’s Fox News and other conservative media appearances before his announcement took place in Texas.