Herschel Walker Told a Georgia Campaign Audience He Lives in Texas

Herschel Walker Told a Georgia Campaign Audience He Lives in Texas

Herschel Walker’s Georgia Senate runoff campaign, which will take place on December 6 against incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock, has been a long one. Undoubtedly a lengthy voyage both symbolically and, it would seem, geographically: Walker told the University of Georgia College Republicans in January of this year, “I live in Texas.

That quote comes from which has done some excellent reporting on the subject of Walker’s residence. In this particular piece, it is mentioned that Walker receives a tax exemption for his Texas house in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It is a tax break that should only be available to primary dwellings.

Here is an example showing how Texas and Georgia differ from one another visually: According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Walker’s admission to college students and tax authorities that he resides in Texas does not necessarily preclude him from being considered an “inhabitant” of Georgia under state law, which is the only requirement the Constitution places on senators.

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However, it does highlight even more how supporting Walker is the pinnacle of the notion that many members of Congress could be puppets whose votes are predetermined by caucus leaders. Think about the following about Walker’s Georgia Senate campaign:

• His political statements offer little indication that he has studied or given any of them much thought, as is the case with, perhaps most infamously, his suggestion that a department, presumably governmental, be assigned to “look at young men that are looking at women” on social media to stop mass shootings.

• Most of what he says about his credentials he was a previous valedictorian, a police officer, a successful businessman, etc. is untrue.

• Despite this being likely the most significant policy position that distinguishes his party from that of his opponent, he (supposedly) does not truly believe that women should never get abortions.

He is a Texas resident.

But it’s all right. After all of this, voting for Walker will, in a roundabout manner, actually send a pretty clear statement about what one wants from the government. Senators don’t have to work very hard. Georgians, speak up on December 6!