Honoring FDNY Firefighter William P. Moon Ii With a Bunting Ceremony

Honoring FDNY Firefighter William P. Moon Ii With a Bunting Ceremony

Honoring FDNY Firefighter William P. Moon Ii With a Bunting Ceremony: To remember a team member who lost his life in a training accident, firefighters in Brownsville put black and purple bunting outside Rescue Company 2 on Sunday morning. Elite FDNY firefighter William “Billy” Moon II fell here last week after falling about 20 feet from a high surface. Age-wise, he was 47.

Bri and Collin, the couple’s children, had to be informed by his widow, Kristina, that their father would not live. William Flaherty, captain of Rescue 2, said to Eyewitness News, “If you were having the worst day of your life, you would want Billy Moon riding on that fire truck over there.”

Although Moon had served in the FDNY before, according to Flaherty, he had only recently joined this group of experts. “They aren’t given a job here. They arrive here to try out, “Flaherty stated. “And when Billy arrived, he faced some extremely challenging fires and rescues. And his performance was superb.”

As Moon’s remains were relocated on Saturday night, members of the FDNY queued up in front of NYU Langone Hospital. This past weekend, neighbors in Islip, where Moon raised his family, paid tribute.

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“It feels like a nightmare. It seems like these things shouldn’t happen, “Bobby Mason stated. “With his kids, he was out there hanging the lights,” said one person. “He was such a nice guy, such a family guy.”

According to Moon’s family, his organs will be given, so even after he passes away, he will continue to save lives. According to Flaherty, Billy was a noble warrior who gave life both in this world and the next. He was also the “Ultimate Santa Claus,” giving people life on Christmas.

In addition to his employment with the FDNY, Moon had served as the Islip chief of police. With bunting adorning his street, the holiday is undercut by the heaviness. Half-staff is also being observed for flags. Islip finds Moon’s passing particularly difficult to accept because it marks the second occasion this year that an FDNY member has died while doing official duties.

Jesse Gerhard died in his firehouse in February after tackling a fire in Queens. Another volunteer from Islip was Gerhard. On Friday, his wife stated that FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh read aloud. “His devotion to his work went far beyond the confines of the firehouse. Our children were imbued with the same desire by him, and he frequently stressed the value of doing good deeds, “She spoke. His funeral arrangements are still being made.