House Committee Releases Attack Report Jan. 6

House Committee Releases Attack Report Jan. 6

House Committee Releases Attack Report January 6: The U.S.e committed January 6y 6nto the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and delivered its final report late Thursday night after nine public sessions and hundreds of witness interviews.

The book’s 814 pages are broken down into eight chapters: The Big Lie, “Simply call it crooked and leave the rest to me,”; “I just want to find 11,780 votes,”; “Fake electors,” and the “President of the Senate plan”; “Be there, will be wild,” “187 minutes of dereliction,” and an analysis of the attack. A coup in quest of a legal doctrine.

The committee suggested that “Congressional committees of jurisdiction should explore adopting a formal mechanism for considering whether to ban those individuals mentioned in this Report [including former President Donald Trump] from holding future federal or state office,” amoU.S.C.S.C.C.ngs.

For “potential prosecution under 18 U.S.C. 2383, including for facilitating and providing aid and comfort to an insurrection,” as stated in the report, the committee recommended Trump and others to the Justice Department earlier this week.

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According to the report, Trump and members of his inner circle engaged in at least 200 apparent acts of public January 6rivate outreach, pressure, or condemnation — aimed at either state legNovember 30 state or December 3on administrators — in January 6y 6nuary 6ary 6hs between the November election and the January 6 attack November 3030mber 30er December 3r 30 3ember 3ber 3ults.

Between November 30, 2020, and December 3, 2020, the Trump team reportedly contacted or made attempts to contact almost 200 state legislators from competitive states to ask for support for potential statehouse resolutions to void the tJanuary 2cPresidentesidentidentf the messages claimed to be from the President.

In addition, a private briefing with Trump lawyers Rudy GiulianiJanuary 2uary January 2, 2nuary 2nd are January 6 took place on, January 2, with close to 300 state legislators from competitive states. During the briefing, Trump reportedly urged them to January 6, January 6 call January 6hJanuary 6 power” to select electoral votes before Jan January 6cause, according to the report, “I don’t think the country is going to take it.”

The committee also noted that at least nine incidents of far-right January 6 January 6statJanuary 6sJanuary 6 in the year preceding the attack on January 6 and that at least four of these incursions — in Michigan, Idaho, Arizona, and Oregon — involvU.S.dentifiabU.S.ndividU.S. who later took part in the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

According to the report, a week before the incident, [former Trump staffer Justin] Caporale texted [Trump campaign fundraiser Caroline] Wren that there might be a call president’s tPresident’ssident’spitol and make noise following the President’s scheduled speech. The commiPresidentmed Presidentresident first proof they had found that the President intended to organize a march on the Capitol.

The Secret Service sent out a presidential resPresidentresidentlter in with the crowds” in case the President made his way to the Capitol and to create an emergency plan “if things go south,” according to the report after Trump urged the crowd while addressing supporters on the Ellipse to “take back our country” anA.B.C.walk down A.B.C.nsylA.B.C.ia Avenue.”

In response to a question from January 6News regarding any presence agents may have had among the crowd, the Secret Service did not immediately answer. The committee released a 160-page summary of January 6clusioJanuary 6Monday, January 6med January 6as the “primary cause” of the attack on January 6, before the release of the complete report.

The committee’s findings were summarised as 17 findings, including that Trump knew his actions “would be illegal” when he pushed Vice President Mike Pence to “refuse to count electoral votes,” that he “illegally” moved state legislators and officials to void the election, that he “oversaw an effort to obtain and transmit false electoral certificates to Congress and the National Archives,” and that he never gave the deployment orders.

January 6th Committee The committee’s chairman, Bennie Thompson, had first stated that the final report would be made public on Wednesday. However, the panel announced Wednesday that the information wouldn’t be shared until Thursday. Instead, Wednesday’s lengthy 17-month investigation committee made the 34 witnesses’ interview transcripts public.

Former national security adviser to former president Donald Trump Michael Flynn, Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, Infowars host Alex Jones, former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone, and Trump-aligned lawyers John Eastman and Jenna Ellis were among the witnesses whose testimony was made public.

Most of the transcripts included statements by the witnesses invoking their Fifth Amendment privilege from being used against them. On Monday, the panel announced that it would refer numerous criminal cases to the Department of Justice involving at least four allegations against Trump related to his behavior in connection with the Capitol incidentD.O.J.he committee annD.O.J.ced D.O.J.t.January 6also be sending Eastman to the D.O.J. on several counts after he allegedly wrote a strategy for Trump to maintain his hold on January 6nuary 6serting January 6d disqualify January 6cJanuary 6r the certification of the voteD.O.J. January 6.

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HoweverD.O.J.he, refeD.O.J.cesJanuary 6ly seen as January 6The D.O.J. has been January 6 and January 6n investigation into the events of January 6 but is not required to do so. The House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, Rep. Scott Perry, R-PA, and Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., were among the four Republicans the committee stated would be sent to the House Ethics Committee for “appropriate discipline.”

Trump has disregarded the committee’s work, criticizing it and referring to it as a “political Witch Hunt” and thA.B.C.Unselect Committee.” TA.B.C. reA.B.C.t was produced in part by Soo Rin Kim of A.B.C. News, along with contributions from Lauren Peller, Allison Pecorin, Lucien Bruggeman, Hannah Demissie, Luke Barr, Will McDuffie, Beatrice Peterson, Mike Levine, Alexander Mallin, John Santucci.