How Did Todd Die On Deadliest Catch And More Info

How Did Todd Die On Deadliest Catch And More Info

In 2021, one of the cast members of Deadliest Catch passed away, and now, more information has come to light. The Discovery reality star Todd Kochutin passed away in February 2021 at the age of 30. An obituary for Kochutin stated that he had been hurt while fishing on board the F/V Patricia Lee, but new video footage released by Discovery UK captures the emotional reaction of the crew when they learned of his loss.

In the video, a number of crew members realise that one of their shipmates needed medical assistance after being hurt and demanding it. When someone on board the ship needs medical attention, Captain Bill Wichrowski calls the team on his radio. Later, another captain, Sig Hansen, disclosed that someone might have been struck by a crab pot, an 800-pound cage that can seriously injure a person. Then Hansen describes it as a “scary, scary thought.”

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The doctor reports that the victim is in “a lot of discomfort,” and subsequently it is revealed that Kochutin was the victim. Later, he passed away on the ship. Even though the Deadliest Catch team has experienced its fair share of crewmate injuries and deaths, Kochutin’s loss was important to the crew. Landon, one of Kochutin’s acquaintances on board, voiced the destruction of the hazardous career. He adds in the video, “I can’t keep losing friends.

Kochutin had no close family members still alive at the time of his passing. Todd was “preceded in death by his parents, Robert and Deanna; brother, Dwayne; and sister, Ayla,” according to his obituary. The obituary for Kochutin mentioned both his passion for fishing and his love of the ocean. “He loved to fish with a fervour. He spent the most of his summers and winters fishing in the Bering Sea for king crab, opilio, Pacific cod, and pollock “It went on. He held a very particular place in his heart for the Bering Sea. The 18th season of Deadliest Catch is presently airing on Discovery. Over 286 episodes have broadcast since its 2005 debut.