Hugh Jackman On His Father's Death

Hugh Jackman On His Father’s Death

Hugh Jackman has been open about the circumstances surrounding his father’s passing. Dad The actor had just started filming the drama film The Son, which depicts the tumultuous relationship a teen has with his father when Christopher Jackman passed away on Australia’s Father’s Day the previous year.

And the Broadway actor acknowledged that because his father never took a day off work, he did not take time off to grieve. I could sense him, Hugh remarked. You’ve had to go to work! I knew he would say if he could talk to me. What are you referring to? On the set, I sensed his presence.

He continued by saying that he was aware of his father’s impending death. Hugh said, “He was ostensibly gone, intellectually.” “He continued to smile a little. Hugh told Variety, “I didn’t know dad was going to physically pass away, but I knew it was kind of a goodbye.

The actor acknowledged that after Christopher’s passing, he occasionally cried while working on the set of his upcoming movie, which also stars Laura Dern. Because of the film’s subject matter, the producers hired psychologists to be on location in case any of the cast or crew needed assistance.

The subject matter was quite difficult, Hugh admitted. Crew members would frequently declare, “I need help.” Some of them would disappear for a short while. Last September, after learning of his father’s passing, the Oscar-nominated actor posted on social media to express his sorrow. Along with his brothers Ian and Ralph, he had been reared by a single father.

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In a touching Instagram post at the time, Hugh stated: “On Father’s Day (AU), my Dad gently passed away. While I am extremely sad, I am also incredibly grateful and loving. “In a word, my dad was remarkable. His life was dedicated to his family, his career, and his beliefs. I hope that he has made peace with God now.

Hugh sobbed during a previous interview with 60 Minutes in 2012 as he talked about his mother Grace leaving the family to go back to the UK. “My father is my rock,” he declared. It’s where I gained all of my knowledge about fidelity, dependability, and consistently showing up no matter what.

It’s strange the stuff you pick up, I recall the morning she departed. I seem to recall her saying farewell with a towel wrapped around her head, so that must have been how she said it. When I returned home after going to school, the house was empty. “Mom was in England the following day,” read a telegram. And that was it after that.