Huntley's Late Hits For Week 1 Of Orange County Football

Huntley’s Late Hits For Week 1 Of Orange County Football

After last week’s games, Michael Huntley examines the high school football scenario in Orange County in detail. He wants to know what worked or didn’t work, who shone, who faltered, and who is under pressure this week. Although Fountain Valley is improving, it postponed its playoff aspirations. After making coaching changes a week before the start of fall camp, Fountain Valley’s season last year became tangled.

Coach David Gutierrez had the entire summer this year to put the Fountain Valley culture and system into place. It appeared that the players benefited from a typical offseason with some regularity when the Barons crushed Valencia 52-14 in their season opener. Two of the four touchdown passes junior quarterback Noah Banua completed were intended for 6-foot-3 tight end, Scott Peschke. Both Ben Pham and Adrian Esquivel scored touchdowns on the ground.

Which women’s sport profited most from Title IX, as well?

It’s nice to see Fountain Valley earn a convincing victory, and the neighborhood is thrilled to win football once more, but let’s take a step back and examine Fountain Valley’s season outlook. The Sunset League, perhaps the strongest public school league in the Southern Division, is where the Barons compete. Except for Fountain Valley, every team in the league was ranked in this week’s top 25 votes by the register.

They will therefore be the underdogs in all five of their league contests. When Fountain Valley played Valencia last season, it won the first game but dropped the next nine. This season, it won’t happen again because The Baron is much superior. But before we factor Fountain Valley into the playoff forecasts, let’s wait and see what occurs over the next two weeks. How effective is the 2023 QB orbit? The 2023 senior quarterback class in Orange County is loaded with skill, and it was evident in spades in Week 0.

The senior group’s highlights are as follows:

In a round of Tustin, Trey Kukuk of Capistrano Valley tossed for 237 yards, ran for 189 yards, and scored a total of five touchdowns. Christian Lundberg of Canyon defeated Aliso Niguel by completing 82 percent of his throws for 412 yards and six touchdowns. In the first half of the game against Garces Memorial in Bakersfield, Los Alamitos quarterback and USC commit Malachi Nelson completed 14 of 15 throws for 345 yards and five touchdowns. Parker Awad (Edison), Gavin Rogers (Crean Lutheran), David Russo (Corona Del Mar), and Colton Joseph (Newport Harbour) all contributed to their teams’ victories with strong performances.

Apprehensive that Santa Margarita might

In the Eagles’ 18-8 victory in Week 0, Santa Margarita’s defense kept the San Juan Hills team barely 100 yards away. The Eagles were frequently in the backfield, partly because of their two defensive ends, Michigan commit Collins Achempong and Laver Talley. The defense only allowed one play longer than 10 yards thanks to the dominance of linebackers Jacob Bower (16 tackles) and Noah Sulick (10 tackles). People shouldn’t be alarmed by the close score the Eagles earned against a Sea View League squad. In control for the majority of the game, Santa Margarita was only a couple of penalties away from scoring the game’s first points in the third quarter.

Week 1 Uplifting Development: Persevere

In Week 0, I was impressed by certain teams that had struggled in recent seasons (Buena Park and Bolsa Grande), but other teams had disappointing performances Although Ocean View is in its second year under a competent coach and has some excellent players returning from last season, it was defeated by Santa Ana Valley. Some people had Sonora pegged as a Freeway League playoff contender, but the team dropped a home game to a beatable Whittier squad.

Although it allowed more than 400 passing yards to Canyon at home, Aliso Niguel still has a chance to challenge for second place in the Sea View League. The great thing about high school football is that there are still nine games remaining for these teams to play, giving them plenty of opportunities to turn things around. But because they are new, these teams could use a victory in Week 1.