In Annual Address, Mayor Wilson Says Salt Lake County is Resilient and Stronger Together

In Annual Address, Mayor Wilson Says Salt Lake County is Resilient and “Stronger Together”

In Annual Address, Mayor Wilson Says Salt Lake County is Resilient and “Stronger Together”: Jenny Wilson, the mayor of Salt Lake County, declared that when people work together to address problems, the county is resilient and “stronger together.” “Our county’s State is still robust. I think our community will continue to prosper if we work together.

I see 2023 as an opportunity to rebuild and reassess our strengths, “Wilson remarked. “I issue a challenge to every one of you: help the county succeed. You live in this county.” Wilson delivered the State of the County address at the Viridian Library in West Jordan on Monday evening.

She began by talking about how Salt Lake County “bounced back” from the tourism pandemic and now boasts a low unemployment rate and a high success rate for small companies. “Salt Lake County continues to be among the top places in the country to live, work, and raise a family as we head towards 2023. The proof is overwhelming, “Wilson remarked. Wilson expressed her pride.

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Events like this month’s return of the Outdoor Retailer Show, the continuing Sundance Film Festival, and the forthcoming NBA All-Star game in February can all be held in Salt Lake County and draw visitors from across the country. Wilson expressed excitement for All-Star Weekend, saying, “I am looking forward to the sights, the fun, and the energy that will flood downtown Salt Lake.”

More than 1,800 family members, friends, and neighbors in Salt Lake County have died as a result of COVID-19, Wilson noted in her remarks. She lauded the “tireless” work of the health department and expressed her pride in the county’s citizens for their grit and camaraderie through that trying time.

Investments in libraries, senior centers, parks, recreation, the arts, and economic development are the “basis to our quality of life here in our county,” according to Wilson. However, Wilson intends to overcome some of these obstacles in the future year.

“Too many households and small companies continue to face financial difficulties. Too many young people still ponder the timing of their next meal. Too many locals continue to lack the means to own a home. Moreover, far too many of our neighbors continue to feel unwelcome, “Wilson remarked. Together with you, I’ll keep working to make Salt Lake County a better, fairer, more wealthy, and more diverse county than ever.

According to the mayor, the county invests in affordable housing, a network of bicycling and hiking trails, water conservation initiatives, senior centers, workforce development initiatives, and environmental protection. “Our valley is fortunate to have access to recreation opportunities and beautiful scenery. Let’s keep these essential locations safe. “She made the statement about the Open Space Trust Fund investment.

Wilson expressed her “great encouragement” for the county’s advancements. Still, she looked forward to further community involvement in efforts to enhance health outcomes, strengthen the criminal justice system, and address homelessness. She said that problems could be resolved more quickly if everyone in the community cooperated.

Wilson referred to the conflict as “the most corrosive issue we confront” in politics and our communities. She advised everyone to “pack your patience” and put their neighbors’ well-being first.

The mayor introduced a brand-new countywide reading club that she is starting as a way to bring the county together. In connection with the forthcoming NBA All-Star Weekend, the first book released as part of this campaign is “Basketball: A Love Story” by Jackie MacMullan, Rafe Bartholomew, and Dan Klores.

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“While every one of us is significant and impacts the world individually, our combined might is unmatched. We can all have our own “love story” in Salt Lake County; I know mine does, “She said.

The mayor stated that a discussion about the book would take place over All-Star Weekend and expressed her wish for everyone to read and appreciate the book. According to Wilson, “Salt Lake County is and will remain, a bright example to the rest of the nation, and I will continue to do my best to set plans in motion that unify, celebrate, and recognize all that we are.”