In Salt Lake City One Is Hurt When A Van Collides With An S-Line Streetcar

In Salt Lake City One Is Hurt When A Van Collides With An S-Line Streetcar

On Friday afternoon in Salt Lake City, one individual was hurt when the van they were operating slammed into the S-Line streetcar, resulting in the streetcar derailing. In Salt Lake City, around 2100 South, where the S-Line rails cross Main Street, the incident happened at around 3:30 p.m. According to UTTA spokesman Carl Arky, the collision necessitated the suspension of S-Line service between South Salt Lake City and Central Pointe for a number of hours.


The crossing gate was down, the lights were flashing, and there was a vehicle driving north on Main Street. Somehow, somehow, the van appears to have hit the side of the S-Line train, according to Arky. “A few wheels came off the tracks as the S-Line train crossed Main Street through that crossing due to the intensity of the crash.

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Although (the train) is still upright, technically a derailment has occurred.” Nobody on the train was hurt, according to Arky, but the driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital with injuries that weren’t thought to be life-threatening. The train won’t be in service for a while, but there are still active transportation routes, according to Arky.

We currently have a bus bridge in place that travels back and forth from our Central Pointe Station to our stop at 500 East on the S-Line, he explained. “Between 500 East and Fairmont, an S-Line will continue to run. Between Fairmont Park and 500 East, there is still a lot of traffic.”