Investigation Continues Into Dog Attack That Killed 2 Children And Injured Mother

Investigation Continues Into Dog Attack That Killed 2 Children And Injured Mother

The inquiry into the deaths of two kids who were attacked by the family dog is still ongoing. Additionally hurt, the mother was sent to Regional One Health on Wednesday in critical condition. Investigators upgraded her condition to “stable” on Thursday afternoon. Her two children, a 5-month-old boy and a 2-year-old girl did not survive the attack, either.

In a rural area of Shelby County that is unincorporated, at 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon, the 700 block of Sylvan Road close to Shelby Forest State Park received a contact from the Shelby County Sheriff Detectives. According to detectives, the family was attacked inside the house by the dogs.


According to public documents and statements on social media, it seems the incident took place at the children’s grandparents’ home. The dogs were pit bulls, according to the investigators, and were called “family pets.”

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Both canines were put to death by Memphis Animal Services on Thursday afternoon. Although the reason for these dogs’ attacks is unknown, we spoke with a seasoned dog breeder and trainer who specialises in pit bulls.

Allen McCoy, a dog trainer, stated, “We as a whole need to take accountability about how we teach them as far as being a bit overly violent with them by introducing them to things they shouldn’t be introduced to. “Because I compare it to the pit bull, I think it might be aggressive, but a mutt might be too, depending on the situation. It is present.

McCoy also suggests that the dogs might have been ill. He claims that conditions like tumours or rabies can make dogs behave strangely. No charges have been filed in this matter as of yet, according to Shelby County Sheriff officials, but an investigation is still ongoing.