Is Brandon And Serene Still Together Relationship Timeline

Is Brandon And Serene Still Together? Relationship Timeline

Sweethearts from season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise Fans will be overjoyed to learn that Brandon Jones and Serene Russell, who have been the “it” couple on the beach since the season premiere, are now happily engaged. As soon as Brandon arrived in Paradise, he made it clear that he wanted to be with Serene.

They had a happy, healthy relationship and fell in love instantly. They made it through Split Week because there was no doubt they would stick by one another even when apart. Serene and Brandon frequently exchanged “I love you” messages and were close.

Brandon and Serene confirmed they are still engaged at the November 4 Bachelor in Paradise reunion special taping after Brandon proposed on the show’s season finale this summer. A video uploaded by Zachary Reality to YouTube claimed that the cast members received a “honeymoon vacation” to Hawaii for the reunion. After Bachelor in Paradise, Brandon and Serene not only were engaged, but they also had the option of getting married there.

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell are engaged.

According to Reality, Steve, Serene, 27, and Brandon, 27, get engaged on a beach in Mexico. Despite not finding love with Bachelor star Clayton Echard during season 26, the Oklahoma native acknowledged that the experience taught her much about herself and altered how she viewed relationships.

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The elementary school teacher admitted to Bachelor Nation in March that her stint on the programme had changed the way she would date in the future. “Before I felt I was being so open in dating, but watching it again on TV, I realised I had some barriers up,” she said. I have much to carry into future dating because I have learned much about myself on this adventure.

Is Brandon Jones and Serene Russell still together?

Since returning from filming, Serene and Brandon have tried to keep their relationship status a secret. They could not wholly conceal their affection when the season 8 reunion episode was filmed on November 4. As they sat for a group portrait, Serene was seen in numerous pictures sitting on Brandon’s lap with her arms around his shoulders.

Brandon and Serene had the chance to tie the knot in Paradise.

On the final day of Bachelor in Paradise season 8, host Jesse Palmer revealed to contestants Brandon and Serene that he is an ordained minister. He inquired as to their desire for an immediate wedding. They were supposed to get married in the final Bachelor in Paradise episode before the reunion, but they opted against it. Brandon and Serene are still together and happily engaged.

Brandon and Serene were the most stable couple on season eight of Bachelor in Paradise. They were honest about their emotions right away and had no trouble expressing their affection for one another. Unlike so many of their Paradise friends, who switched from one relationship to another, they never doubted one other.

They had a trusting and respectful friendship that quickly developed into pure love. Fans have said they appreciated seeing Serene and Brandon spend their non-drama-filled time together and that they had more screen time during the season. The futures of numerous couples are in limbo as season eight of The Bachelor in Paradise ends.

Fans won’t be shocked to learn that Brandon and Serene got engaged and are still in a loving relationship. Before they even stepped foot on the beaches of Mexico, Bachelor Nation was pulling for them to get together, so their romance seemed preordained. One of the most eagerly anticipated nuptials in Bachelor’s history will occur there. Brandon and Serene are the most resilient couple to emerge from season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise.