Is Donna And Alex Still Together Relationship Timeline

Is Donna And Alex Still Together: Relationship Timeline

Black Ink Crew star Alex Robinson and reality TV actress Donna Lombardi started dating in 2017 and got engaged in 2019. Alex revealed their breakup with Donna after nearly five years of dating, five months after rumors of their apparent split first surfaced.

The “Black Ink Crew” actor Alex Robinson recently acknowledged his split from Donna Lombardi. Black Ink Crew actors Taylor “Donna Marie Lombardi” Pinckney, 28, and Alex “the Vagina Slayer” Robinson, 29, allegedly parted ways in January 2022, according to sources.

Neither, however, has yet made a public statement about their circumstance. Alex addressed speculations that he and co-star Tatiana “Tatti” Ritter had started dating during an April 2022 Instagram Live and said the couple had broken up.

Alex claimed he wouldn’t answer because “it’s no one’s business” after blocking someone who allegedly inquired about his dating relationship. The tattoo artist said that he is currently single and not dating Donna or Tatti, adding that “nobody has any concerns with anyone else.”

They reportedly split in January 2022

When Alex was hired by Black Ink’s former manager Melody Mitchell in 2017, Donna first encountered him. They famously got together in a party bathroom stall, and Donna ended her relationship to start one with Alex.

After relocating together, they have never been apart. She didn’t get along with the shop owner, Ceaser Emanuel, though, and Alex frequently found himself at the center of their disagreements.

During one disagreement, Alex was jumped at the Young Bae’s wedding rehearsal, bruising his back and keeping him from working. Although he and Donna had a difficult time at the time because he seemed to blame her for the predicament, they got engaged in 2019 while on the season 8 trip to Hawaii for Walt Miller’s wedding.

In April 2021, Donna announced to Madame Noire that they had postponed their wedding but were still planning to start Claws-N-Ink, a nail and tattoo parlor. Fans did notice, though, that the couple ceased following one another on Instagram and erased each other from their profiles around January 2022.

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Before changing his mind, Alex had charged Donna with domestic abuse.

When Black Ink Group made its season 9 debut in April 2021, the crew moved to Atlanta to work at the tattoo parlor there because pandemic restrictions prevented them from doing so in New York.

In addition to taking a vacation from tattooing, Donna joined the group at the house. They left early, though, after yet another dispute. When Donna allegedly scratched Alex’s face, Alex initially informed the group that he had generated a positive COVID-19 test; however, he later admitted that he had made it up.

She, however, rejected his assertions. The two left together even though a producer voiced her disapproval of the romance. They discussed it on Instagram Live a few weeks after the incident, and she emphasized it in her narrative.

He supported her and said that his girlfriend had been “falsely accused” of him. Alex later apologized to the group when season 9 started in February 2022, explaining that he had cut himself while shaving. On VH1, Black Ink Crew airs every Monday.