Is Emily Compagno Married

Who is Emily Compagno ? Biography, Career, Age, and His Husband!

Emily Compagno is from the United States. She is a lawyer, a writer, and a former NFL cheerleader. She is a co-host of the FOX News Channel show Outnumbered. She was a federal prosecutor and the acting head of the Social Security Administration when she worked for the government. Since 2006, Emily has worked as a lawyer. She has also worked as a lawyer in California as both a criminal defense lawyer and a civil lawyer. Compagno went to the University of Washington and got his BA in political science.

Emily Compagno Biography

After working for Fox News, Emily became a well-known TV personality and an important character. She was also talked about a lot in the news. Emily Compagno has worked in many different legal jobs over the years. This makes her a great fit for her job as a legal analyst at Fox News.

She is also the new person in charge of the channel’s show Outnumbered. You’ll love how she runs the show and how good the conversation is when you see her on TV. Her job as a TV host is going well, and she thanks her fans for loving and supporting her. She is a great debater, public speaker, and TV show host. She now works for Fox News and co-hosts “Outnumbered” with Harris Faulkner and Kayleigh McEnany.

Emily Compagno Age

In 2022, Emily will be 43 years old. Emily Rose Compagno was born in Oakland, Calif., on November 9, 1979. Compagno was born in the United States and grew up there. She was born and raised in the city of Auckland, California, which is in the United States. She comes from an Italian-American family.She was born in Oakland, California, where her parents raised her. John Compagno is her father, and Catherine Birch is her mother. The family of her father is from Italy. She went to the University of San Francisco School of Law to get her Ph.D. in law. She was President of the Federal Society and an article editor for the Intellectual Property Law Bulletin at the University of San Francisco.

Emily Compagno Height

Emily Compagno is 5’6″ tall (169 centimeters). She weighs 121 pounds and has hazel eyes and dark brown hair (55 kilos). Her bust measures 34 inches, her waist measures 23 inches, and her hips are also 34 inches. Emily Compagno is one of the most beautiful and talented TV stars of the last few years.

Is Emily Compagno Married?

Yes, TV host, Emily Compagno is married to Peter Riley. Peter Riley, who is also a TV host, is still married to Emily Compagno. The happy couple is still together and still having a good time. On September 13, 2017, Emily and Peter got married in Italy.

Only the bride and groom knew where the wedding was held. When they were both teenagers, they met for the first time. People say they met by chance on a Seattle sidewalk. Peter Riley is married to Emily Compagno and is a skilled dentist who works for Chemithon Enterprises. Riley’s private life isn’t well known to the public. This great couple hasn’t had any kids yet.

The TV host is pretty private about her personal life, and she doesn’t talk much about her husband in public. So that the two of them don’t stand out, Emily wants it to stay that way. Also, the Fox News host is happily married and has no plans to leave his wife, despite what some rumors say.

Emily and Riley both love what they do for a living, which has never been a problem for them as a couple. Peter asked her to marry him after they had been together for a few years. Their relationship went to the next level because of this.

Emily Compagno Husband

Peter Riley is an American real estate agent. He works in the Washington city of Vancouver. Most people know Peter because he is married to Emily Compagno, an American lawyer who works for Fox News. Riley works for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices NW Real Estate as a real estate agent right now.

Is Emily Compagno Married
Is Emily Compagno Married

Since 2009, he has worked as an agent. Peter Riley was born in Portland, Oregon, in the United States in 1979. The real estate agent is white and is a U.S. citizen. He got his bachelor’s degree in geology, computer applications, and data analysis from Portland State University.

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Peter’s parents, siblings, and other family members have not been found. Emily Compagno, a real estate agent and Realtor who is 41 years old, got married on September 13, 2017, in a private ceremony at Villa Chimbrone in Ravello, Italy. Riley is said to make $150,000 a year and to have an estimated net worth of $8 million. He also made a lot of money from the commissions he got from selling real estate.

Emily Compagno’s Net Worth

People think she’s worth around $2 million. Before she became the general counsel for the Social Security Administration, Emily Compagno was a civil litigator from 2010 to 2014. Compagno is often a guest expert on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

She also talks about sports from a legal and financial point of view for a number of national and local TV networks. As a reporter, she also covered a PAC 12 sports event and aired professional sports highlights and Fanspeak segments. Emily has made a lot of money because she has worked hard and has been dedicated.


Emily Compagno is a lawyer and a writer, and she used to cheer for the NFL. She hosts Outnumbered with Harris Faulkner and Kayleigh McEnany on FOX News Channel. She has been a federal prosecutor and an acting head of the Social Security Administration for the government.

Peter Riley, who is also a TV host, is still married to Emily Compagno. On September 13, 2017, the happy pair got married in Italy. The Fox News host is happily married and has no plans to leave her husband, despite what people say. Emily and Peter are not yet parents.

Emily Compagno is a lawyer and TV host from the United States. She used to cheer for the National Football League (NFL). She now gives news on the Fox News Channel. Emily has made a lot of money because she has worked hard and has been dedicated. People think she’s worth around $2 million.

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