Jason Momoa Debuts New Head Tattoo

Jason Momoa Debuts New Head Tattoo

Jason Momoa recently got a new haircut and tattoo. The “Aquaman” star showed the new tattoo less than two weeks after shaving off a portion of his hair in a video message urging followers to stop using single-use plastics.

In an Instagram post from September 14, Momoa offered his followers they were first to peek at the design. The actor claimed to have “something unique” to show fans as he removed his helmet and displayed a massive head and neck tattoo, which according to his crew, is “connected to his Hawaiian ancestry and culture,” as he boarded a flight to New Zealand.

Traditional Hawaiian tattooist Keone Nunes created the artwork. It was a true honor 20 years in the making, Momoa captioned the Instagram post in which she included the artist. Additionally, Nunes shared a photo of Momoa and mentioned how long the “Games of Thrones” actor had desired the tattoo.

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He wrote, “You sometimes have to wait for the appropriate time to get what’s right for you. “I’ve known Jason’s father, Joe, since high school, and we’ve been talking about working on Jason for more than 20 years. Yesterday was the first step in his trip, and he had family and friends at his side.

” Momoa wrote in the remarks, “Love you, Unko. I’m appreciative of our time together. Expect more in the future.”


For his upcoming Apple TV+ series, Momoa seemed to be going to New Zealand. “Chief of War coming, baby,” he said as he stepped onto the aircraft, adding that he was “glad to be Hawaiian [and] proud to ride Hawaiian Airlines.”