Jay Leno Released From Hospital After Suffering Burns

Jay Leno Released From Hospital After Suffering Burns

One day after leaving the Grossman Burn Center, Jay Leno was sighted for the first time driving down the street in a silver 2002 Mercedes-Benz. He was in his element once more. After being hospitalised for ten days and undergoing numerous surgeries for third-degree burns to his face, chest, and hands resulting from a fire in his Burbank garage, Leno was finally discharged on Monday.

Leno laughed and replied, “Everything’s OK.” He acknowledged that he was prepared to resume employment and that he would be “playing Sunday at the Comedy Magic Club.” When instructed to nap, Leno joked, “Yeah, I need BBQ.”

Despite the harrowing incident nearly two weeks ago when he was splashed with gasoline while working on one of his vintage vehicles and a fire broke out, seriously harming his body, Leno appeared perfectly at ease as he drove down the street.

The automobile enthusiast was on a joyride in Los Angeles when he grabbed the steering wheel while sporting burns on the left side of his face and deep scabs on his hands. As he drove down the street with his windows down, he was decked out in his signature blue denim long-sleeve over a white T-shirt.

In a press release to Fox News Digital, Dr Peter Grossman expressed his “optimism that he will make a full recovery” and expressed his satisfaction with Jay’s development. The Grossman Burn Center issued a statement saying, “Jay would want to let everyone know how thankful he is for the treatment he received and is very appreciative of all of the good wishes.”

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“He wishes everyone a happy holiday and is looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with his family and friends.” While at the burn facility, Leno underwent at least two procedures, one of which involved “surgical excision and grafting.” He also needed a hyperbaric chamber to improve blood flow and reduce bacteria.

Fox News Digital was informed by Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr Jason Emer that “After suffering injuries akin to Leno’s burns, it is crucial to seek prompt medical attention to safeguard the skin barrier and aid in its self-healing.

In this situation, severe laser treatments, at-home LED light therapy, and skincare are required if you have an open burn on your skin along with pigmentation problems and textural damage.” He stated that a burn survivor might benefit from a combination of “deep micro needling radio frequency to stimulate new collagen formation” together with “skin barrier restoration and pigmentation blending.”

These procedures “would treat the skin at every level and help it rebuild to normal, healthy skin over time,” according to Emer. In an incident report provided to Fox News Digital by the Burbank Fire Department’s Battalion Chief Dave Burke, it was discovered that on November 12 at 12:28 p.m., authorities responded to an “emergency medical call.”

Leno made the following statement to Fox News Digital shortly after the incident: “A gasoline fire caused me to suffer severe burns. I am OK. I only need a week or two to recover.” Leno has long been an expert on automotive culture. He worked as a mechanic while advancing in the stand-up comedy world and owns more than 280 specific vehicles.

Estimates of the outstanding collection of rare, antique, and vintage cars’ worth range from $50 million to $100 million, depending on what experts believe some of these cars would eventually sell for. On “Jay Leno’s Garage,” Leno displays his valued collection of automobiles, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles while chatting with automotive fans about their favourite types and models.