Jefferson Mall Shooting 1 Critical, Shooter at Large

Jefferson Mall Shooting: 1 Critical, Shooter at Large

Jefferson Mall Shooting: Police are investigating a shooting at Jefferson Mall that resulted in one hospitalization. On Monday, the gunshot was reported sometime at about 5 o’clock. According to the police, no shots were fired inside the mall.

According to authorities, there was an altercation inside the mall, followed by gunfire in the parking lot. According to officials, one patient was sent to a hospital in critical condition. The victim, a guy, was described as being in his late teens.

The people involved knew one another, according to the police, and it was not a random crime. Police have stated that they can now establish there was just one shooter and that the suspect is still at large.

They added that no active shooter was present. Although the site has been secured, they urge people to stay away. The LMPD’s Homicide Unit is now in charge of the situation after SWAT vacated the mall. Police are questioning people who were inside the mall before releasing them to go home.

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Lt. Col. Steve Healey said, “Gun violence in this city is unpredictable and intolerable. “We’re in the middle of the holiday season at a mall. And some people want to decide to go to a mall, pick up a pistol, and discharge it. Rational cognitive processes cannot be applied to such.” WLKY Chopper HD flew over the crowded scene of emergency personnel. There were several taped-off locations.