Jenifer Strait Cause Of Death What Happened To Her

Jenifer Strait Cause Of Death What Happened To Her?

On June 25, 1986, just before midnight, a catastrophe that would forever alter the lives of the Strait family occurred in San Marcos, Texas. Jenifer Lyn Strait, a daughter of George Strait, was in the car with three friends when a motorist lost control of his Ford Mustang by turning too quickly.

South of San Marcos, not far from the singer’s home, the car overturned. Jenifer’s window was sadly open, and she was not wearing a seatbelt. The only casualty of the one-car, non-alcohol-related accident that night was the thirteen-year-old daughter of George and Norma Strait.

During that time, The King of the Country was at home, and he arrived at the site quickly after being informed. The family had a hard time accepting the death. In a statement, the distraught singer added, “We will all miss Jenifer terribly, and we will never forget her, her smile, and her laugh.

“She was everything to us, and we will miss her terribly. We’re trying everything we can to get through this, and with your support, we will. Though it’s difficult to imagine the years ahead without her, we will always have her memory.

George Strait reduced the number of interviews he agreed to after Jennifer’s passing.

Since Jenifer’s passing, George Strait has ceased doing interviews and has shied away from any chance to talk about the horrific vehicle accident. Although he once gave one of the few interviews to The New Yorker magazine, he has granted. He explained why he had reduced the number of interviews he had consented to follow the death of his daughter.

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I gave up because I simply didn’t feel like talking about it…

Without a doubt, I wanted to keep singing, stated Strait. But I had reached the point where I thought, “Okay, if this means losing my career, then be it; it’s the only way I can deal with this. Simply put, things happened the way they did. It wasn’t done on purpose.

The Foundation for the Memory of Jenifer Strait

In memory of his cherished daughter, Jenifer, George Strait and his family established the Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation in 1986. The Boys & Girls Club-San Antonio and St. Jude’s Ranch are just a couple of the non-profit groups that the Foundation prioritises when it comes to donations, according to its website. Additionally, it has continued to exist “mostly from private donations, which have primarily come from word-of-mouth from friends and Strait fans over the years.”

To her brother Bubba, Jenifer served as a mother figure.

Bubba, Jenifer’s younger brother, is the object of her intense affection. George Strait recalls, “To observe them together and the way she watched over him made us know he was always secure with her, no matter what.” He reciprocated her love in the same way, and he will do so forever, just as we will. She was in some ways Bubba’s second mother. They occasionally argued as brothers and sisters do, but she always gave Bubba the impression that he had won.

Every time Strait sings “You’ll Be There,” he is reminded of the late Jennifer.

George Strait admitted that the song “You’ll Be There,” which he released in 2005, makes him think of his daughter.  I related to that song. I’m a believer,” Strait declared. “I genuinely think we’ll cross paths in paradise at some point. I wanted to perform the song.

The song’s author, Cory Mayo, knew I wanted to perform it and held off until I had the opportunity. He showed kindness by doing that. A loved one will greet you in paradise, according to the song “You’ll Be There.” The passing of Cory Mayo’s father, songwriter Danny Mayo, in 1999 served as inspiration for the piece.

George Strait also recorded the heartfelt ballad “Baby Blue” as the second single from his album If You Ain’t Lovin’, You Ain’t Livin’ in 1988, two years after Jenifer passed away. Many people think the song has something to do with Jenifer’s untimely death, even though this has never been proven.

The song’s narrator laments for a lovely woman with sparkling blue eyes that resemble Jenifer’s baby blues. And baby blue was the colour of her eyes, Strait sings in the chorus. like the skies of Colorado, baby blue. She came and went like the first breath of spring, and I’m still unsure of why.

The presence of Jenifer in the family’s life was a blessing.

On October 6, 1972, George Strait and his wife, Norma Strait, welcomed Jenifer into the world. Their first kid together was her. George Strait claimed that without Jenifer, no list of his numerous blessings would be complete, even though the memories of losing her are too terrible. We had the good fortune to enjoy our beautiful daughter Jenifer for 13 years, he stated.