Jerry Mathers Net Worth 2022 And More Info

He was born on June 2nd, 1948 in Sioux City, Iowa in the United States. Since then, he has been in several television, film, and theatre roles, including the popular sitcom “Leave It To Beaver.”

So, how wealthy is Jerry Mathers? For more than half a century, Jerry has been a film and television actor, and sources estimate his current net worth at $7 million.

Jerry Mathers net worth

Jerry Mathers, an American actor who has been on stage, television, and in films, has a fortune of $3 million. As Beaver Cleaver on the comedy “Leave it to Beaver,” Jerry Mathers became a household name. In addition to Ozzie and Harriet’s adventures, he appeared on General Electric Theater, Lassie, My Three Sons, and The War at Home. “This Is My Love,” “The Trouble with Harry,” and a few more were Mathers’ first big-screen roles as a child.

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Jerry Mathers Early Life

The San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California, is where Jerry Mathers grew up after moving from Sioux City, Iowa in 1948 to attend high school. They have a total of three siblings: two brothers and one sister. When he was barely two years old, he got his start in the modelling industry as a child model for a department store campaign. After that, he participated in a PET Milk commercial alongside comedian Ed Wynn and other celebrities.

Jerry Mathers Personal Life

Mathers married his college sweetheart Diana Platt in 1974. The couple divorced in 1981. It was on tour that he met Rhonda Gehring that Mathers proposed to her. Their three children were named Gretchen, Mercedes, and Noah. The two got divorced in 1997. Mathers married Teresa Modnick for the third time in 2011.

In 1996, Mathers was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He signed up for a Jenny Craig weight loss programme the next year and lost about 40 pounds. Consequently, he became the first man to serve as a spokesperson for the company’s products and services. When the Partnership for Prescription Assistance programme was launched in 2009, he became the organization’s national spokesperson.

Mathers put his acting career on hold when he was a teenager so he could focus on his high school responsibilities. He was the lead singer of the band Beaver and the Trappers when a student at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California. Before graduating from high school in 1966, he entered into the United States Army’s Air Force Reserve and served there for the rest of his life. After that, he attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he majored in philosophy and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1973.

Jerry Mathers Career

Mathers made an uncredited appearance in the children’s Western “Son of Paleface” when he was four years old. Also on “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” sitcom, he starred as a trick-or-treater. “This is My Love,” with Linda Darnell and Dan Duryea, was followed by “The Seven Little Foys,” starring Bob Hope, and Alfred Hitchcock’s suspenseful comedy “The Trouble with Harry,” in which he played a small boy who discovers the body of a dead man near his home. In “The Shadow on the Window,” he portrayed a small boy who witnessed his mother being harassed.

A former commercial bank loan officer and real estate developer, Mathers made his acting comeback in 1978 after working in both fields for a time. He performed in an episode of the television series “Flying High” and starred with Tony Dow in a production of the play “Boeing, Boeing” in Kansas City in the year of his retirement from acting. Afterwards, Mathers travelled with Dow in “So Long, Stanley” for a year and a half. It’s been more than 30 years since he worked as a radio DJ in Anaheim, California, when he also appeared in a made-for-television fantasy film starring Philip MacHale and Lee Purcell.

When “Still the Beaver,” a 1983 television reunion movie starring most of the original cast, was released, Mathers returned to the role of the Beaver. After the film’s success, a new series based on the Beaver was created and premiered on the Disney Channel in 1984 before being picked up by TBS and broadcast in syndication around the country. The series, retitled “The New Leave it to Beaver,” ran for 101 episodes before being cancelled in 1989. A guest appearance on “The Love Boat” as the Beaver occurred around this time period as well.

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