Joe and Melissa Are Still Together Relationship Status

Joe and Melissa Still Together Relationship Status

An enduring relationship? Before appearing in front of the Bravo cameras, Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga, stars of Real Housewives of New Jersey, started dating. Even though the series aims to record the dynamics of New Jersey’s wealthiest residents, the drama takes center stage. To learn everything we know about Melissa and Joe’s current relationship state in the wake of cheating rumors, keep reading.

How Did Joe and Melissa Gorga Meet?

In 2002, while on a spring break trip to Cancun, Mexico, Melissa met the real estate agent. Melissa and Joe didn’t talk to each other when they first met, but they would later run into each other at a beach bar in New Jersey.

What Year Was Joe and Melissa Gorga’s Wedding?

The couple married on August 20, 2004, after three years of dating.

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Have Joe and Melissa Gorga ever had children?

Gino, Joey, and Antonia are Joe and Melissa’s three children.  On Bravo’s Daily Dish in June 2020, Joe jokingly referred to himself as the “easier father of the two.” I follow the flow. Regarding their parenting approaches, he explained, “I don’t want to cuddle them and I want them to learn from the mistakes they make. However, Melissa can be too lenient with them when they are in trouble, so I have to step in at that point.

The couple was accused of numerous affairs.

The couple’s 18-year marriage has experienced many difficulties, including adultery charges made by Teresa Giudice, who is ostensibly Joe’s sister. According to an Instagram account run by a BestofBravo fan, Melissa and Joe were conspicuously absent from the mother-of-wedding fours in August 2022.

This was supposedly due to Teresa’s alleged involvement in accusations that Melissa had an extramarital affair with Joe. Melissa, however, later refuted the claims, telling Us Weekly, “I’ve never cheated on Joe. It’s all quite disappointing.

This isn’t the first time Teresa has charged Melissa with having an affair with her brother. Joe Giudice called his sister “scum” and got into a physical argument with her then-husband, Joe Giudice, after Teresa brought up accusations that Melissa had an affair with an ex-boyfriend in June 2013.

Joe and Melissa Gorga: Are They Still Dating?

Joe and Melissa are still together today. They had “more sex than the typical” married couple, according to Joe, who revealed this to Us Weekly in May 2019.

She’s not my wife, in my opinion. We simply keep things honest, and I consider her to be my girlfriend,” he continued. “As much sex as you can handle is the key. It maintains our unity.

When Joe and Melissa attended the MTV Video Music Awards together on August 28, they demonstrated the health of their love. Before the wedding, the pair posed for pictures on the red carpet while looking incredibly in love.